How Do You Budget for an Office Move?

What do you need to do to prepare for military movers? The clock starts ticking as soon as you receive PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders. You have a set amount of time before you and your family must relocate. Thankfully, the government doesn’t make you handle everything alone. They contract a moving company to pack, ship, and unload your belongings. Here’s what you should do before the movers arrive:

Make a Detailed Inventory List

Do you know everything in your house? Probably not. Before moving day, it’s a good idea to inventory all your belongings. Sort your items into categories—by both type and room. Take lots of photographs too. They will help when it’s time to unpack and organize your new space.

Clean Up Your Space

Military members don’t have to lift a finger to help the movers. They do it all, including packing. But beware—they will pack everything. That means if you have a full trashcan, they’ll move it to your new home. Since you don’t want to start fresh with tons of garbage, now is the time to clean out every room.

Find All Vital Documents

Where did you last set down your military orders? It’s wise to locate and organize all your important paperwork before the movers arrive. You’ll most likely need these papers at some point during the move. Besides military documents, you should also keep track of your photo identification, passport, health paperwork, and other essential documentation.

Mark Anything You Don’t Want Packed

Once again—the movers will pack all your belongings. Clearly label anything you don’t want movers loading on the truck. Some items may include daily toiletries, charging cables, phones, purses, wallets, glasses, and a change of clothes. If you can’t live without it for a week, you need to label and move it to a safe, isolated location.

Plan for Kids and Pets

Packing an entire house is a lengthy process. You don’t want tiny toddlers or four-legged friends getting in the way. All it takes is a split second for someone to get hurt or lost. If possible, arrange for a babysitter and keep your pets in a kennel.

Sit Back and Relax

Moving day is not the time to micromanage. Packers and movers are professionals. They handle this type of work every day and follow strict protocols to ensure everything goes as planned. Enjoy the fact that you can take a break for a few hours.

Trusted Professionals for Your Upcoming Military Move

Atlanta Peach Movers thanks all military members for their dedicated service. And we want to make your PCS go smoothly. We contract with government agencies to help pack and move active-duty personnel. Our highly skilled and thoroughly trained employees follow all guidelines and regulations. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on us for all your next military relocation.

Getting ready for a PCS? Contact Atlanta Peach Movers as you start to prepare for military movers.



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