How Do I Choose a Moving Company for My Office?

Moving Company for My Office

Which moving company is the best fit for your office relocation? Take a look around your workspace. You probably see lots of expensive equipment and technology that you can’t afford to lose. But you can’t move it all by yourself. Keep reading to learn how to find movers you can trust with your most valuable assets.

Learn Everything About the Company

There are a lot of fly-by-night movers who claim to be experts. But these companies disappear in the blink of an eye. Some even turn out to be scammers. Do plenty of research before trusting your expensive peripherals with anyone. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start. You also need to verify current licensing and insurance through the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Make Sure They Have Commercial Experience

Commercial moves and residential moves are nothing alike. Homeowners have different belongings than big corporations. Before hiring just anyone to pack and move your office, ask about their commercial experience. How long have they been in business? Do they take any precautions? Qualified movers go the extra mile to wrap, pad, and protect expensive equipment. They should also have enough trucks and employees to handle large jobs.

Inquire About the Employees

This may come as a shock, but not all moving services hire full-time employees. Many contract work to unknown people. This shady practice puts your office belongings at risk. Instead of settling, continue until you find a company that hires and trains all its workers personally. Valued employed are more reliable and trustworthy.

Know What Services They Include

All office movers transport boxes to your new location. But do they offer anything else? Unless you want to spend hours on end packing every last item inside your current space, you should ask about additional services. Some provide packing; others don’t. And do you need to supply moving materials? If so, you need to figure that cost into your budget.

Office Moving Made Easy

Relocating your entire staff to another office is a time-consuming endeavor. And figuring out how to move all your expensive equipment, furniture, accessories, and supplies only add to the chaos. You don’t have the time to manage this task—and neither do your employees.

Atlanta Peach Movers wants to streamline your upcoming office relocation. You can count on us to tackle every step of the process. Got pricy computer systems or bulky furniture? We’ll disassemble, pack, and pad it all. Have tons of boxes of paperwork? Let our muscles put them onto the truck. We’ll get your entire space packed, loaded, and moved before you know it.

We do things differently at Atlanta Peach Movers. All our movers are full-time employees, and they must graduate from our one-of-a-kind Peach University. Worried about your belongings arriving in one piece? We handle every box with care—guaranteed!

Still asking yourself, “How do I choose a moving company for my office?” Contact us to learn what makes us a commercial moving leader.



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