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We provide professional moving services across Atlanta, offering a wide range of additional services to facilitate your move and making sure you have everything you need, when you need it. 

Are you downsizing and need to store things temporarily? We have a secure Atlanta storage facility under 24-hour surveillance. We’ll store your belongings safely until you need them again, loading and unloading them with the same care. Do you need help with packing? Our movers are trained to move furniture carefully, and our specially trained packing team will pack and unpack your most fragile items so they arrive safely at your new location. Do you need packing supplies to do it yourself? We have a full inventory of self-service packing supplies. When we’re done unloading your furniture and unpacking the boxes, we’ll even take care of the clean-up for you. 

Because your valuables are important, the Atlanta Peach Movers team always are our employees, never free lancers. Our trusted movers are drug-tested, and must pass our Peach University™ internal training system, which includes is a real-size replica of a 2-story home inside our 110,000 square foot facility. We are fully licensed and insured by the state of Georgia, and take every precaution to ensure we pad and shrink wrap furniture and/or valuables for safety, arrive early, and provide a consistent result.  

Our quotes are transparent and precise based on your exact needs. Because we successfully completed nearly 6,000 moves last year, we have a great understanding of what it will take to ensure a proper move. We are happy to provide references, license numbers, and answer any/all questions you may have. Thousands of customers served, and hundreds of positive testimonials show our ability and sincerity to handle your move from start to finish, flawlessly. 

Our Moving Services

Thanks to our dedicated long-distance division, Peach Worldwide Van Lines, we are able to provide the same level of care, service and excellence for long distance moves as we provide locally. Peach Worldwide Van Lines, is specially equipped to facilitate your move across the border or overseas, and our trained full-time staff will offer the same level of excellence, care and service that we’ve become known for in the Atlanta area. 
From inventory to securing visas, our relocation experts will talk you through every detail before your big moving day arrives. If you can’t take all your belongings with you, we’ll store your furniture and belongings in our military-approved storage facility, taking special care to pack, pad and shrink wrap your furniture so it stays in the top condition while it’s being stored. As a fully licensed and ensured moving company, we take every precaution to ensure 100% consistency and safe, effective, timely transport and setup.  
We’ve performed 5,987 moves last year alone; our expertise is based on principles, values, and raw experience. The volume of work allows Atlanta Peach Movers to quickly determine the level of sophistication a move requires, man-power, time-line and price quote. We have friendly operators standing by, or fill out our form to begin.  
A long distance or international move is a big life change. Among the many stresses involved, safe transport of your precious belongings shouldn’t be one of them. There’s a reason why we have one of the lowest claims rates in the industry: there’s not a single person in our chain of custody who is not expertly trained in the safe handling of your goods. 
We pride ourselves on our white glove moving services, taking the extra steps necessary to make sure your special items arrive at your new place in the same condition as when they left.  
Have an irreplaceable antique piece of furniture? We can move it safely. Pianos, pool tables and other heavy pieces? These are no problem for us. Valuables and fragile items? They are safe with us. Your pieces aren’t just expensive; they are irreplaceable. We ensure these pieces arrive safely and intact at your new home. 
Each of our team members will make sure your special items get the white-glove treatment. All furniture is properly padded and shrink-wrapped before we load it onto the truck. We can even pack and unpack your boxes for you, or safely store any boxes or furniture pieces you can’t take with you to your new home. If there are any additional charges involved with your special moving needs, you’ll know these up-front, and we’ll include them in the price. The extra care we take with your belongings is just one more reason why we’re the premiere moving service in Atlanta.  
For smaller antique items, we have a dedicated trained packing team who will carefully wrap and pack these items in boxes for you, unpack them at your new place, and even dispose of the packing materials for you!  
Whether you have one precious antique or a house full of special items, when you call Atlanta Peach Movers, you know you are placing these priceless pieces in good hands. 
We offer a complete packing service, but for those who prefer to do their own packing, we offer a full inventory of all the packing supplies you’ll need to pack and transport your belongings safely. From boxes of all sizes to tape and packing peanuts; everything that you need to protect your belongings can be provided to you. Our sturdy moving boxes come in a wide range of sizes based on your needs. For your fragile dishes, we have specialty dish boxes available, with all the wrapping paper you need to keep your dishes and glasses safe. 
Of course, if you’d prefer us to do the packing for you, the packing supplies are included in the cost. Our specially trained team members will arrive at your door with all the supplies needed to pack your goods safely, and they’ll even dispose of the waste after unpacking the boxes in your new place.  
Additionally, we have a well-managed and maintained fleet of 38 trucks, vans and tractor-trailers, with drivers who are well-trained to transport your belongings safely on the road. Markedly, our driver and moving staff are not part-time, temporary or casual workers. We only hire and train full-time employees to work for us, which means the people who arrive at your door to load your furniture and boxes into the moving van have a personal interest in making sure the job is done correctly, efficiently and safely. 
At Atlanta Peach Movers, we know these are your belongings, and the choices as to how to transport them are yours to make. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we are here to help however we can, including providing whatever supplies and transportation you need.
We recognize our senior citizens have special needs when it comes to moving. The elderly can feel especially vulnerable during a major move, and have accumulated treasured keepsakes that are irreplaceable. This is why we take great care to meet the needs of senior moving. Our team is trained to communicate clearly and to listen, and we ensure that our seniors feel safe with us, and can trust us with their treasured possessions. 
For our senior customers, additional services can be provided to help the move go more smoothly. If you need help packing, we have an expertly trained and fully insured packing team who will bring the supplies and pack your breakables with the greatest of care. Are you downsizing or moving into assisted living? We have an on-site storage facility under 24-hour surveillance, and our team can store your extra belongings so they will remain in excellent condition. If you are moving antiques or keepsake furniture, or if your furniture needs to be maneuvered through tight spaces or around corners, you can rest assured that our team knows how to solve problems on-the-fly and will take the necessary steps to make sure your furniture arrives intact. 

Stress-free moving

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As a successful business, you do not want excuses, you demand results. Atlanta Peach Movers is all about accountability. Our difference is in our consistency, our people and process. We will learn intimately the needs, logistics and timeline for your move. We will arrive early, take every precaution to shrink wrap, pad, and maneuver your furniture. Simply show up at your new corporate headquarters and keep everything running smoothly.


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With the help of your coordinator and expert movers, you are able to have a stress free moving day! We will handle the entire process, from start to finish! 

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Chad L.

September 26, 2022


Wow – I’ve been in Atlanta for seven years now and I have used four different moving companies but after today’s move with Atlanta Peach Movers, they’ve made a customer for life.

Angel N.

April 20, 2022


Top of the list.  Best service I’ve ever had. I’m a realtor and I’ve used their services and so have my clients with 0 issues. You may kind find cheaper but you can’t get better.

Scarlet P.

January 15, 2022


The absolute best service we could have asked for. They went above & beyond.  So much of our furniture is really heavy but they still go everything moved with no damage.

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