How Long Should I Expect My In-Town Atlanta Move To Take?

If you are thinking about moving ‘just’ across town, or perhaps even closer, please do not underestimate the amount of work, effort, and time such a move will actually take. One of the biggest misconceptions many people have about an in-town Atlanta move is that it will only take half or less of the time as would a longer move. After going through such an experience, many movers feel a shorter distance move is actually more difficult. Consider all of the following factors when planning how much time you expect your in-town Atlanta move to take.

Packing The Moving Truck:

The first main step on moving day will be loading up the truck. Whether you are doing this yourself or have hired professional movers after vetting them thoroughly on the FMCSA website, the time this takes is not really dependent on the distance.

With a very local move, you might end up deciding to make several trips. This could end up saving you money on the cost of the truck, but it will considerably add to the amount of time your move will take. Figure that it will take at least a full hour to load even a smaller type of moving vehicle. Larger trucks can be expected to take several hours. If time is very critical to your plans, always estimate on the high end because most movers report things taking longer then they expected.

Driving Distance:

AtlantaThis is possibly the one piece of the puzzle that can actually influence the time your move will take. Obviously, only driving 5 miles will be much quicker than driving 50 miles or 500 miles. Despite this, you should still plan on even the driving itself taking longer than expected. After all, you might encounter traffic and the truck itself may need to consider using a special route depending on size and road / weight restrictions.

How Much Preparation Is Completed:

Many people also forget that the more preparation they do ahead of time can mean everything will go more smoothly on moving day. The easier things go on moving day, the less time they will take. So, by all means, start packing up and organizing everything as far in advance of your move as is practical. This way, everything can be ready to load in the truck at the proper time, whether you are moving yourself or have hired a team of professionals.

It is also a very good idea to make a plan for when you arrive at the new home. Obviously, getting all your stuff to the curb of your new house or apartment is a big event…but the move is still not finished. The idea here is to make the last items into the truck be things that will go upstairs or in the back of the house. This way you can organize and change things around much easier…and quicker.

Bottom Line:

Expect your in-town Atlanta move to take longer than you had originally hoped. Of course, there are still a number of things you can do to make things go more smoothly and reduce the time needed. With a bit of proper planning and some foresight, your Atlanta move can be a happy experience that sees you established in your new location very quickly. Call the professional team of Atlanta Peach Movers today for a FREE consultation.



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