Do Movers and Packers Unpack?

Do Movers and Packers Unpack

Getting ready to move your entire home? Will the movers and packers unpack your home for you at your new location? You may be wondering what’s included in a typical professional moving services package. The truth is what you get depends on the moving company you choose. Keep reading to learn more about the services you can expect and how a full-service moving company may provide all the services you need.

Understanding a Full-Service Moving Company

While there may be transport services that will only move your items from one location to another, a full-service moving company can handle every detail of your move. Services include:

  • Bringing the boxes and packing materials
  • Packing up your belongings
  • Loading boxes on the moving truck
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking your belongings

The company will provide an estimate based on the services you need. For example, if you want to pack your boxes but just need help loading and unloading, they can provide that service. Or maybe you only need help with unpacking. Essentially, you will be able to customize your moving services to meet your specific needs. 

Items Movers Will Not Pack and Unpack

While moving companies are happy to pack and unpack for customers, there are some items they do not handle for safety, security, and liability reasons. These include:

  • Animals/pets
  • Plants
  • Chemicals
  • Cash and jewelry
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Items soiled by bodily fluids

Additionally, some moving companies will not move large items like machinery or vehicles. If you need to transport items like lawnmowers or vehicles, make sure to ask the company if they provide this service.

Benefits of Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing up your household and then unpacking again are some of the most time-consuming tasks of a move. If you are busy or would rather spend your time on other tasks, hiring a moving service that provides packing and unpacking may be a worthwhile investment. Here are the benefits of using this service:

  • Organized, strategic packing from the pros
  • Top-quality packing materials
  • Free your time up for other activities
  • Save yourself from the physical stress of packing and unpacking
  • Proper technique means less risk of damage to belongings

Some customers prefer to have packers pack up all the boxes in their home, while others want them to handle one room like the kitchen. You can customize the packing services to meet your needs and your budget. 

Atlanta Peach Movers Is Your Full-Service Packing and Moving Company

If you are looking for a truly personalized packing and unpacking service, reach out to the friendly professional team at Atlanta Peach Movers. Our full-service movers are highly trained, licensed, and insured and provide the packing and unpacking services you need and nothing you don’t. Count on us to exceed your expectations and provide a stress-free moving experience. 

Do movers and packers unpack? Contact Atlanta Peach Movers today to get a free quote for packing services or to schedule your packing services now.



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