Five Websites to Help You Sell Your Belongings Before a Move

Preparing for a move can be an overwhelming process, whether it be long distance or short. Atlanta Peach Movers understands that between sorting, packing, and discarding your items there is always something to do. Here are some of the most useful websites to help you sell your belongings before a move that will make this process a little less chaotic.


The website OfferUp is an excellent resource to utilize when preparing for a move. This site contains numerous categories of items to sell. From clothing, gardening and home supplies, electronics, toys, and more there will always be a category for the item you are selling to fit into. OfferUp focuses on advertising the products to local buyers. However, there is also the option for sellers to ship their belongings nationwide. The website is easy to use and takes under a minute to create a posting. This is an ideal option for those selling a surplus of items. A unique aspect of this website is that there is no fee to bump your product to the top of the advertising page multiple times, increasing your chances of making a sale. OfferUp also includes ratings on both buyer and seller profiles. This allows for a more trusting environment by holding these users accountable for their actions on the site. OfferUp is a great option for those selling a lot of items to the local community before a move.


Poshmark is a good option for those selling clothing before a move. A useful tip for determining if you should keep or toss an article of clothing is to think back over the past year. If you have not worn that piece in that time then it is time for it to go. Poshmark is an easy and reliable option for selling if you do not want to donate. They will even cover the return costs if an item you ship out is sent back by the receiver. Poshmark also has multiple filter options, making it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. The only downside to using this website is there are a few fees involved when selling. Overall it is a viable option to get rid of clothes and make a couple of extra dollars.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the more comfortable websites to help you sell your belongings. The majority of people have an account and know how to use Facebook, making this a convenient website for beginners. Facebook Marketplace is a good site to post larger items for sale, such as a bed frame or a dresser. Other sites may be more specifically for clothing or smaller household objects. They sell all sorts of items, typically for cheaper than other places may sell them for. This makes Marketplace a great site to not only sell your belongings but buy items you may need after your move, as well. Another useful aspect of this website is the message function. Instead of having to give out your number or email to interested buyers, Marketplace is connected to each user’s Facebook account. This allows for easy messaging back and forth without the disclosure of personal information. The connection to personal accounts also eliminates the threat of constant scamming. This is what makes Facebook Marketplace such a safe option!


The website Decluttr is a place where users can buy and sell used electronics. One of the main positives of this website is that it is free! Signing up, buying, and selling are all free of fees! There is also not a long wait period to get paid. Once your item is delivered to the buyer you are paid the very next day. There is also no charge for a customer to send back the electronic if they are not pleased for whatever reason, Decluttr will ship it back for free. This website extends beyond functioning electronics, as well. Decluttr will buy your broken technology off of you. While it may be for less money than a working electronic would sell for, at least there is a slight profit involved still.


Mercari is a perfect option for those looking to sell smaller secondhand items. This website consists of a collection of random items. It is a good option for people who have little trinkets they are wanting to get rid of. An upside to using this website is the listing process is quick and easy, as is the shipping process. There are low fees on Mercari and sales tend to go quickly, making this an excellent option to get rid of all the little things you don’t need before a big move.



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