10 Helpful Packing Tips and Common Mistakes When Moving

Do you have a move coming up but have no idea what to do or where to start? Fear not! Atlanta Peach Movers is here to help. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have picked up a few packing tips and mistakes to avoid along the way to help make the process a little less overwhelming for first-time movers.

Five Packing Do’s

Begin the packing process in the room you use the least.

While many people may want to start the packing process off with a bang and go straight for the kitchen or bedroom, it is often beneficial to have a more gradual beginning and pack the least-used room first. This can help with preventing burnout and make the entire process feel less overwhelming. Oftentimes the hardest part is starting. It can feel much more satisfying to pack up most or all of a room even if it contains less objects than some of your other areas. Use the sense of accomplishment you’ll gain from packing up your least-used room as motivation to tackle the more cluttered rooms.

Sort and declutter all of your rooms before you start packing.

We at Atlanta Peach Movers understand the excitement of moving to a new place. However, this is an important step to consider before jumping in to the packing process. Decluttering is one of the most useful of the packing tips. Figuring out which items you want to keep, donate, and throw away is a huge time saver when it comes to actually putting your belongings in boxes. If you have not used an item in the past year, we recommend you consider tossing or donating it. This packing tip is the perfect way to have a fresh start in your new space!

Allocate a certain time to packing and set a timer.

Packing for a move can feel like a very overwhelming task. Working this time into a schedule helps you mentally prepare as the hour approaches. It can also help you plan your other tasks around it to ensure everything you need to do gets done. It is also better to do a little at a time, as opposed to all at once. Allotting a certain timeframe for this can help you make sure you actually begin on that date, as opposed to pushing packing off until the last minute.

Color-code your labels.

Labeling your boxes from certain rooms in specific colors can be a huge timer saver when unpacking at your new location. Spotting a color on a box is much easier to differentiate than the name of a room written in black sharpie. This trick helps make the unpacking process feel less hectic. It is much easier to sort through your boxes based on room location. We also recommend labeling multiple sides of the box, as it makes it easier to spot when unpacking. This is one of the easier packing tips to follow, so we recommend trying to work this into your process!

Create an inventory list.

This packing tip may feel like an extra step, but it is a useful tool for long distance moves. It is often hard to recall specifically what you packed. The longer the gap between packing and unpacking the harder it is to do. Assign each box a number or letter, then make a list titled with said number or letter of the items being packed in each box. This makes the unpacking process much more organized and leisurely.

Five Packing Don’ts

Waiting until the last minute.

This is one of the most crucial packing tips to avoid when preparing for a move. Pushing off packing until the last possible minute is one of the worst things to do when moving. It only adds to the stress of relocating and increases the chances that you forget things or randomly throw items in boxes. Starting early and taking the time to sort through the clutter makes packing so much easier and less time consuming.

Not planning ahead/ not buying enough supplies.

There is nothing worse than starting the packing process and quickly realizing you did not purchase enough tape or boxes. Having to stop packing once you get in the zone can be frustrating and make it much more difficult to get back into that headspace. Having to run out to the store multiple times is also quite time consuming. Don’t prolong the packing process, it is already an intense task as is. Purchasing all of the supplies you will need for packing up your home at once is preferred. At the least make sure you have enough to get you through the items you plan to pack that day.

Not wrapping fragile items.

Always always always make sure to wrap your breakable belongings with some sort of cushioning to maintain their protection. Nobody ever tries to break their fragile items, but some bumps in the road and the shifting of furniture is always possible. If two glass items happen to bump each other there is a chance they could break. These broken items then become hazardous to moving company employees as well, as they could cut their hands sharp objects. Wrapping can help prevent all of this, and while it may feel like an extra step it is better to be safe than sorry! Using this method can also be an easy way to save space in boxes. Towels, sheets, clothing, etc are great options to use as a protective wrap for your breakables.

Not labeling.

Labeling your boxes is a crucial step in the moving process. Skipping it can be detrimental to your unpacking procedure. There is nothing worse than moving into a new space and having no idea what is in all of the boxes you brought with you. There is no organization and this exciting experience can quickly become chaotic and overwhelming. Instead of making the unpacking process dreadful, take two minutes while packing to put labels on each box to save yourself two hours of sorting through boxes in the future.

Using plastic bags instead of boxes.

One of the most imperative packing tips out there is to avoid using plastic bags during a move. While they are easily accessible they are not the best product to use. They run the risk of damaging your belongings. Boxes are much more sturdy than plastic bags and provide an extra layer of protection. Furniture or other boxes can shift around during the move and potentially damage your things. There is also a chance that they rip and the time you spent packing your items in those bags has gone to waste. If your problem is time, don’t worry! Atlanta Peach Movers offers a packing service where we pack your belongings in boxes for you! There’s no sense in risking it, utilize this method to avoid the possibility of damage altogether and go straight for the packing boxes!



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