Eco-Friendly Moving Practices in Atlanta

Moving isn’t known for being an environmentally friendly process. Moving boxes are recyclable, but along the way, most moves accumulate a lot of trash, waste a lot of materials, and do a lot of driving. The average person moves 11 times in their life which makes a pretty big environmental impact over the course of our moves. 

At Atlanta Peach Movers we care about making your move as environmentally friendly as possible. Luckily, it is rather simple to reduce your carbon footprint by embracing green moving, especially when you plan ahead. Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your move in Atlanta can help reduce your environmental impact. We’ve given you some tips on how to make an eco-friendly move before but we are back with some more moving practices you can consider. 

Pack the containers you already have 

You’re likely still going to need some boxes for your move, but you can greatly cut down on the total amount by using containers you already have to pack up your belongings. These containers can include: 

  • Plastic bins 
  • Suitcases
  • Dresser drawers 
  • Duffle bags 
  • Reusable grocery bags 

If you have an item that can fit other things inside of it, fill it up before packing. The more you can fit in containers you already have, the more you can avoid having to rely on purchased moving boxes. 

Store boxes you collect throughout the year 

Online shopping can also have its pros and cons on the environment but the boxes do come in handy when it comes to moving. If you know you are moving soon, start to keep the boxes you receive when you order packages online so you can use them later on. 

Get creative with packing materials 

Unlike cardboard boxes, the materials you use to wrap up your items for traveling are not so easily recycled. While you can recycle those materials at special collection points, many people forget to do so and instead end up tossing them in the trash. 

There has been a growing market for sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable packing supplies. This includes materials made from seaweed, cornstarch, and even mushrooms. 

Before you start getting materials that are difficult to properly dispose of, start with what you already have. This can be towels, linens, comforters, and even clothes. If you need additional materials, start with newspapers that can go in standard recycling bins. 

Sell/Donate what you don’t need 

Reduce your waste and even get some extra cash by selling items that are in good condition. There are many websites to help you sell your belongings before a move but do this early so you have time to arrange a donation of any items you don’t sell. 

When you’re getting organized sort the items you’re getting rid of into “donate,” “recycle,” and “toss” piles. Your toss pile should be as small as possible, and include items you really can’t do anything else with. 

You can donate unwanted items in good condition to a variety of charities and there are even a bunch of charities that offer free pick-up to save you some time and gas. 

Don’t pack your entire kitchen right away 

The kitchen is the hardest and most dreaded room to pack so it makes sense that many people want to tackle it first. But once you pack all of your dishes and utensils, you’re forced to rely on plastic plates, cups, and utensils to get by. As an alternative, leave out just enough kitchen items for you to get through moving. 

Do fewer back-and-forth trips 

Try to make the fewest amount of trips possible with your move. Skip the small trips to and from your new place and focus on getting all of your items transported by your movers on moving day. If you do plan to do some of the moving yourself, pack as much as possible into your car or van instead of little by little. 

Recycle your moving supplies 

Besides putting everything in your recycling bin, offer your no longer needed moving supplies to someone else moving soon. Chances are someone else could get good use out of your supplies. 

With these tips a green move is possible. There are always things you can do to reduce your negative impact on the environment during a relocation. For in-town moves, regional or interstate moves, and even international moves Atlanta Peach Movers can help. We treat each move with the same level of care and consistency, contact us today for a free quote



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