What Is Involved in an Office Move?

What Is Involved in an Office Move

Do you know how to prepare for an office move? Relocating to a new office space is an exciting endeavor. A better workspace is a sign of success. But what does it really take to transport your company’s belongings from point A to point B? Let’s break down the logistics behind what is involved in an office move.

Phase 1: Preparing

A workplace relocation should begin about 6-12 months before moving day. Now is the time to start planning all the basics to prepare everyone. Communicate with your employees to ensure everyone is on the same page. During this phase, you’ll want to:

  • Designate an area to store all move-related to-do lists and notes
  • Organize and file all sensitive documents. Examples include client contracts, vendor agreements, and insurance records.
  • Inventory everything in the office and make a list of what you’re packing or leaving behind.
  • Set a firm budget.

Organizing an employee moving committee is also helpful. This team can assist with packing, unpacking, and office decorating. It will also reduce your workload.

Phase 2: Packing

Packing before a move is crucial. If you wait too long, you’ll run out of time. Think about all the paperwork, furniture, office equipment, and electronics going to the new place. Protecting these items from damage during transport is critical. You’ll want to secure enough boxes, bubble warp, padding, and tape to pack everything securely.

Pack any nonessential items into boxes now. Of course, you don’t want any junk or unwanted items making it to the new building. Declutter every inch of your current office to ensure you only pack what’s necessary.

Now is also the time to hire a moving company. To ensure availability, you’ll want to complete this task 3-6 months before moving day. Some movers offer packing services. Consider taking advantage of this to save time.

Phase 3: Moving

It’s the final countdown until moving day! Daily employee communication is a must to ensure everything goes as planned. Provide your workers with the new address, building access information, and parking instructions. Verify utility connections at the new location to ensure you don’t end up in the dark without an internet connection.

Finish packing any necessities and label every box. It’s only a matter of time before the movers load it all into the truck.

After everything arrives safe and sound at the new building, it’s time to unpack. This might take hours or days, depending on how much stuff you have. Ask your moving committee to put everything in its rightful place, and be sure to assign an IT expert to handle connecting your electronics.

Phew! You did it! Now it’s time to celebrate a successful move and settle into your new office.

Let Atlanta Peach Movers Tackle Your Office Move

There’s no reason relocating should slow down your business. With over 30 years of industry experience, Atlanta Peach Movers understands the challenges office moves present. It doesn’t matter if you want to relocate across town or across the country—we’ll get the job done right! Our commitment to superior service, dependable timelines, and a fully trained staff ensure your workplace belongings arrive on time and in one piece.

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