How to Properly Pack A Kitchen For Moving

Pack Kitchen for Moving

Packing is one of the necessary evils to getting your belongings from point A to point B. Trying to pack a kitchen for moving can be a bit challenging, especially with fragile dinnerware that is prone to chipping and cracking. However, there are several techniques to properly packing your kitchen for moving day, leaving your belongings unharmed in the transition. With the proper moving supplies on hand, packing your kitchen is a snap.

Gather Essentials Into A Single Box

Once you are in your new home, the last thing you’ll want to do is hunt for your kitchen essentials box-by-box. To avoid this situation, gather your essentials into one box that is easy to access. Include items such as your toaster, coffee maker, coffee cups, silverware, dishes, and cups. You only need to pack enough to get yourself by for a few days, or however long you think you will need to fully unpack your kitchen.

Pack Dishes and Glassware in Heavy Duty Boxes

Dishes and glasses are not only fragile, but they weigh a lot as well. When you are packing dishes, be sure to use boxes that are thick with double walls. The double walls provide extra support so the box does not collapse under the weight of the dishes.

In addition, you want to protect your dishes from cracking and chipping. So, wrap your dishes in unprinted newspaper. It’s important that the newspaper is free of print so the ink does not transfer onto your dinnerware.

If you don’t have unprinted newspaper, bubble wrap is another option for protecting dishes and other glassware. The safest way to protect anything that is glass is with the bubble wrap. And that includes items like blenders. Are you working to pack a kitchen for moving? Help is right around the corner. Contact Atlanta Peach Movers today at 770-447-5121.



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