What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring a Moving Company?

Need help with an upcoming move? Most people don’t have a truck large enough to transport their belongings into a new home. Instead, they turn to local movers for help. But you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your expensive belongings and priceless heirlooms. Before signing on the dotted line, here’s what you should know about hiring a moving company:

Your Moving Destination

Some people move across town, while others travel to a new state. Overseas moves are common, too. Local destinations are a piece of cake for movers. But cross-country and international moves are entirely different stories. Relocation services might accept long-distance jobs, only to let subcontractors complete them. Unless you don’t mind strangers handling your cargo, make sure your chosen company has a dedicated team to handle longer moves.

Transporting Safeguards

Road trips are full of surprises—even moving companies aren’t immune. The best companies put safeguards in place to ensure your valuables make it to the final stop in one piece. They provide movers with adequate training to help them navigate challenging situations. Narrow staircases and low ceilings shouldn’t pose any issue. Some movers even shrink-wrap or pad items to prevent dents and dings. Don’t have time to put everything in a box? Look for a company that offers professional packing services.

License and Insurance Coverage

A license and insurance are non-negotiable. Local businesses should have a valid moving license for their state. Verify this info on the state’s DMV website. You should also find proof of insurance on this site. Those offering international services need a registered number with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Does the company beat around the bush when you ask about license and insurance? RUN (don’t walk!) away from any company unwilling to show you current proof of both.

Business Reputation

What do your neighbors have to say about a specific moving company? You might find some reviews on the brand’s website. Keep in mind those comments could be cherry-picked or biased. Do some internet sleuthing to read what former customers really think. Google Maps, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are great starting points.

Your Belongings Deserve VIP Treatment

Moving is a time-consuming process. Merely thinking about packing up and starting over somewhere else can send a person into panic mode. There’s no reason to add any more stress to the process. Atlanta Peach Movers wants to make your relocation as uneventful and efficient as possible. Whether you move down the block, across the country, or over the ocean, it’s no match for our team.

Helping people move is what we do best. As industry leaders with over 30 years of experience, we provide customers first-class service from start to finish. We have a full-time staff of highly trained, well-mannered movers. We’ll deliver your belongings in the same condition as when they left.

Creating a checklist for your upcoming move? Don’t forget to hire movers you can trust. Request a quote from Atlanta Peach Movers if hiring a moving company is at the top of your to-do list.



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