Do You Pay Movers Before or After?

The movers just gave you a quote for service. Should you pay them now or when they finish delivering your boxes? Moving is a huge undertaking, and finding a reliable relocation service is a massive weight off your shoulders. You want to make sure to pay their crew on time. When is the best time to reconcile the bill? Keep reading to learn the answer.

When Is Payment Due?

Moving companies can request payment whenever they want. There’s no hard-and-fast rule, but a reputable company will expect you to pay after delivering the final box. They will never ask you to pay the entire sum in advance. If they do, it’s probably a scam.

After rendering services, always pay the invoice in full. The total should be the same or extremely close to the original estimate. Makes sure to ask about any hidden fees before signing a contract. You don’t want surprise charges catching you off guard!

How Should You Pay?

Paying the moving company with a credit card is the preferred method. Even if you have enough cash on hand, don’t use it! Swiping a credit card creates a paper trail. Shady movers can’t say you didn’t pay after the fact. Purchase protection ensures you can cancel the charge if you discover a problem—like broken or missing items—after the workers leave.

What About a Deposit?

Some moving services, even highly reputable ones, ask for a deposit before your move date. Why? It guarantees you won’t back out at the last minute. Every time a customer cancels, it puts the moving company in a sticky predicament. They reserved the date just for you. There’s a good chance they had to turn away other clients because you already booked the slot. Now, they may not be able to recoup the lost revenue. Of course, cancellations aren’t always avoidable, but requesting a small deposit does prevent the vast majority of them.

However—and this is important—the requested deposit must be reasonable. Movers might have a set amount or ask for a small percentage of the total. Asking for $100-$500 is fine, but anything over is a red flag. Before booking, find out if the amount is refundable if you cancel by a specific date.

Should I Leave a Tip?

Tipping is always optional. No moving company should pressure you into one. But if you received exceptional service, it’s a welcome way to show your gratification. Only tip after delivery.

Trust Your Move with Atlanta Peach

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Is relocation in your near future? Now that you know if you should pay movers before or after, request a quote for your desired moving date.



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