Three Ways Parents Can Minimize Stress While Selling a Home

minimize stress while selling a home

Are you staring at toys in the kitchen while your toddler smears grape jelly on the table? Or is your baby crying because he’s overdue for a nap? This post is for you! These tips can help minimize stress while selling a home.

There’s one thing that can throw an extra headache into the moving process. It’s listing your home for sale with young children.  With potential buyers ready to visit your home with an hour’s notice or less, the pressure is on. You want to keep things tidy without excessively disrupting your family’s routine.

Here are a few tips to make the process a little easier:

Invest in a storage unit.

Children may be small, but they come with a vast amount of stuff.  Toys, baby gear, or stockpiles of diapers can make even the most organized spaces seem a little cluttered.  This doesn’t enhance the vision of your home that you want to present to potential buyers. Don’t be afraid to temporarily rent a storage to house those large items you want to keep.  Many storage facilities offer a great rate for the first month.  By proactively staging your home and investing in one month’s rent, there’s an excellent chance you won’t need to pay for a second month’s use.

List it and leave it.

Whitney Sewell listed her home in Woodstock, GA last fall. She was concerned about how to entertain her toddler as a steady stream of potential buyers toured her home during its first weekend on the market.  Rather than spend her evenings stressed out and tidying up, she opted to pack up her family’s bags and head out of town for the weekend.  The house stayed beautifully staged. Buyers were free to schedule tours at any time during the first 3 days on the market.  Happily, the family received multiple offers in the first week on the market. And, they were able to avoid the constant in-and-out nature of home showings.

Keep a laundry basket by the door.

Your real estate agent just called, and you have approximately 15 minutes before a motivated couple enters your home for their first impression.  The kids are playing, and you need to clean up toys, vacuum, wipe down counters, and successfully wrangle the kids to the car.  What do you do?  Enter the laundry basket!  Throw all toys and counter clutter in the basket, and place it in your trunk for the duration of the showing.  Use the time you saved organizing toys to run a vacuum over the carpet and squeeze in a diaper change for the little ones before you head out the door.

When you combine these tips with the hot market happening in Atlanta, you can be sure to minimize stress while selling a home. Take the pressure off as you wait for that glorious new sign to grace your front lawn: Under Contract. Once your home sells, contact Atlanta Peach Movers to pack up your belongings and get you moved.



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