Simple Ways to Avoid Stress During Your Big Move

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The moving process. Fun, right? Well… maybe not for everyone. The reality is that moving can take a toll on your body, your relationships and even your bank account. And it always seems that about mid-move we stop our packing and ask ourselves, “why am I even doing this? Is all of this stress seriously worth it?”

You see, stress, for most of us, is an inevitable side effect of moving. It just seems like something we have to go through to doesn’t it? Moving has and always will be a pain. Right? False. In fact, very false.

High levels of stress, I am happy to tell you, can be avoided in your move. How, you ask? Consider the list below before your next blog move and watch your stress decrease immediately.

#1: Before You Pack, Purge.

For most of us, moving into a new home, means redesigning and redefining our style. Often times, we don’t even use much of the same decor that we had in our previous home.

So, before you begin packing, sort through your things using this easy method…

  1. Collect all of your decor and bring it into one (fairly empty)room of your house, like your dining room.
  2. Make three piles: one for KEEP, the second of DONATE and the third for TRASH.
  3. Ask yourself, “is this item going to fit the style of my new home?”
  4. Sort each item into the correct pile.

Always, as a good rule of thumb: Don’t take what you don’t like.

#2: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Asking for help is hard for a lot of us. We don’t want to inconvenience anyone. But here’s the thing: many hands make light work. The more people you have, the easier it will be to pack up your boxes and move them.

When you get a team of people to help you, be sure that you have an organized system in place. Assign certain people specific jobs that play to their strengths. (Don’t expect grandma to move the heavy boxes.)

Don’t ever try to move alone! Ask a friend for help.

#3: Pay for a Piece of Mind

Sometimes, it’s best to just bite the bullet and pay to have someone do the heavy lifting for you. Look around at the prices of your local moving companies. You’ll be surprised at how much their service won’t cost you. And sometimes, moving on a weekday versus a weekend can significantly lower your expenses.

Atlanta Peach Movers has helped thousands of families in the Atlanta area smoothly transition into their new homes on a dime. We believe that you shouldn’t have to do it all on your own! Moving shouldn’t be stressful, let us help you get settled into your new home today.

#4: Create an Itinerary

Moving is a challenge because we often don’t know if we’re coming or going, or who needs to be where, or what time the movers are coming, or what boxes are in what cars…you get the idea: there are a lot of things to consider in the moving process.

It’s a great idea to actually sit down and create an itinerary for the big day of your move. Consider what times people will be arriving to help, what time you will be arriving at your new home, when you want to take a lunch or dinner break, etc. Write everything out for the entire day, designating jobs and order to the events. Then print off a copy of your itinerary and share it with the key players. This will help to keep everyone on task and eliminate any questions.

Don’t let the stress of the day ruin your moving experience. Moving into a new home is an exciting time that you should cherish, not dread. For more tips about moving be sure to check in with us later this month.

And to take advantage of our Atlanta Peach Moving services and to look at the deals mentioned in this post, check out our website today.



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