7 Simple Things to Do After Your Offer Has Been Accepted

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Yes! Your offer has been accepted for your new home. But… now what? Now, you feel like you have about one million things to do in order to prepare for your big move. It’s a little daunting, isn’t it? How are you supposed to know what to prioritize for finalizing your papers and when to start your move?

Don’t let buying a house confuse you. Use the list below to help organize your move and get yourself on the right track for your new home.

#1: Schedule an Appraisal Don’t get caught paying more for your house than it actually costs. Make sure that you schedule an appraisal with an accredited appraisal company. Most states require an appraisal before you can sign off on your house, but be certain that the appraisal company you’re working with is up to par. Check with your realtor or close family members or friends to find a trusted appraiser in your area.

#2: Sign your papers Obviously, before you start the moving process, make sure that you sign off on all of your necessary paperwork. Remember: the house isn’t yours until you actually sign on the dotted line, so don’t get your cart ahead of your horse. Your realtor should give you a date and time of when you will be able to sign the mortgage papers on your new home!

#3: Sign Up for Your Home Insurance Homeowner’s insurance is a competitive market. This means that you shouldn’t just settle on the first estimated rate that you are given. Call several insurance companies before deciding which policy is best for your home.

#4: Know Your Move In Date Be sure that you know the actual date you can move into your house. Normally you will learn this date when you go to sign your closing paperwork. It’s possible that you may have to wait a few weeks or even months until you can schedule your move in day. Expect that you may need to patient.

#5: Schedule Your Movers Once you know your move in day, schedule your moving van, truck or company.Having help prearranged will eliminate a major bulk of your stress as you get closer to your move in date. To find rates in your area, be sure to check out our moving rates here.

#6: Turn On Your Utilities Be sure that you call about your utilities before your move in day. No one wants to move into a cold, dark home! And, make sure that you have a date set for when your previous utilities will be turned off.

#7: Get Your Keys! This is the most exciting step, for sure! Schedule a day to meet with your realtor and pick up your keys to your new home. Then, head inside your new home and celebrate.

Are you ready to start the moving process today? Just follow these simple steps to make your moving process more smooth. And to get get any of the services mentioned in the post above, just  click here.



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