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Moving with your company is a major undertaking. Especially when you’ve been in the same office for years. The reality is, you probably spend more time in your office than you do in your home. That’s why it’s so essential that during your relocation, you don’t let your office get lost in the move. Take a little extra time to prepare your office for a move. You’ll be surprised at how preparing your office the right way will help to create a smoother transition once your arrive in your new office.

Use the list below to stay on track during your relocation process.

Your Relocation Packing List


Begin researching the area where you are moving

How long will your new commute take?

What is the parking like in your new office?

Hire movers to come to your house


Begin purging your office. Go ahead and just get rid of any non-essential items.

Begin organizing your daily items. Make sure that you set aside the daily essentials of your office.

Invest in sturdy binders. Moving can be hard on your paperwork. Ask your supervisors to provide you with sturdy binders or file cabinets to organize your paperwork and prevent it from getting ruined in the move.


Set your out-of-office email responder up. If your relocation will require you to miss days of work, make sure that you have your email responder set to out-of-office.

Contact important clients. Be sure to remind your clients or customers that you are relocating. Send them a quick email or call them to make sure that everything is set up while you are in the moving process.

Label everything. Double check that all of your packages are labeled properly with your name and department.

Take home personal items and plants. Make sure that you take home everything of personal value so that it doesn’t get broken or lost in the office move.

Check in with your supervisor.  Make sure that you check in with your supervisor to ensure that you aren’t missing an important steps in the relocation process.

We hope that this relocation packing list helps you in your office move! If you have any questions about relocating or hiring movers to help in the process, please feel free to reach out to us today.



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