Beat the Heat During Your Move

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Moving in Georgia can get a little…. how do we say this?? HOT!

Unfortunately, we can’t make the heat go away. But, we can help you figure out ways to beat the heat so that high temperatures don’t affect your moving day too much. Today, we want to share with you simple ways that you can beat the heat on moving day. So, if you’re ready let’s get started now.

5 Easy Ways to Beat the Heat During Your Move

  1. Drink a whole lotta water! Make sure that you are drinking lots of water in the days prior to your move. By giving your body the proper amount of hydration, you’ll have an edge on the heat.
  2. Pack a cooler. Pack a cooler of water bottles and water-rich snacks. You’ll need to drink water throughout the day as you sweat in the heat. So, make sure that you have a cooler of water, packed, iced and ready to go wherever you are!
  3. Dress smart. Be sure that you dress appropriately in the hot weather. Shorter lengths and lighter colors are always best.
  4. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Don’t forget to give yourself frequent and necessary breaks while you are moving. Taking a break will help revive your body and stay up to the challenge.
  5. Start as early as you possibly can. Stay ahead of the heat by starting early in the morning. The earlier you can start, the lower the temperatures will be.

Moving on a hot day is hard on your emotions and your body, so make sure that you are fully prepared to undertake this task. We always warn our movers to stay safe and look for signs of heat exhaustion.

How to Be Aware of Heat Exhaustion

Ignoring signs of heat exhaustion will leave you sick and possibly in the hospital. Don’t be afraid to stop what you are doing and rest throughout the day. Taking frequent breaks could possibly limit your chances of heat exhaustion.

Signs of heat exhaustion include:



-imbalance or feelings of faintness



-dark-colored urine


-extreme sweating


-low blood pressure

**If you exhibit any of these signs, it’s important that you stop what you’re doing and contact a medical professional.

We want to help make your move as easy as possible. Whether it’s in the heat or not. If you have any questions about scheduling your move this summer, please reach out to us today. We’re here to make your move as simple as possible. Let us know how we can help you.



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