The Role of Professional Movers: What to Expect on Moving Day

Moving involves a lot of preparation. From boxing up your things to planning your relocation, it’s easy to forget to plan for the actual movers themselves. Come moving day, Atlanta Peach Movers will be ready to get the show on the road to ensure a stress-free, successful, and timely move to your new home.

To start your move off right, ensure you’ve prepared for the movers ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to remember things like cash for tips and plans for your pets or kids. With our expertise we’ve included easy ways to prepare for your movers before they arrive on the big day. 

Woman helping her husband with stack of cardboard boxes while moving into new home.

Properly box up your things 

Unless you include the packing service with your move, it’s up to you to properly box up the majority of your belongings before the movers arrive. Make sure you have the right boxes and supplies before you begin packing. You’ll need sturdy boxes, dividers, bubble wrap, and tape. The better you pack your things, the less likely your movers will accidentally break anything. After packing, properly label each box based on its corresponding room in your new home, this will also help the unpacking process go easier for you. 

Another tip is to carry any expensive jewelry, cash, medicine, and important papers with you. You don’t want the risk of misplacing any of your valuables and causing panic.  

Let the movers know where to park 

 Parking is a simple yet important detail that is often overlooked during the moving process. Drivers will call you on moving day to let you know they’re on the way and to ask where to park. You’ll need to make sure the movers have a spot to park the truck, whether it’s your driveway or street parking they’ll need to know where to go. 

Make sure your furniture will fit through the door 

Most of the time moving companies can get your furniture out of your old home and into your new one without a problem. But sometimes, doorways can be particularly small or furniture can be particularly bulky, so measure your bigger furniture and your doorways and give your movers a heads-up. This way they know to bring the right supplies for the move. 

Hire a babysitter for small children 

Juggling kids and moving boxes at the same time can be a lot. A crew of movers in your home and having to keep an eye on your child can distract you from the tasks at hand. If you’re moving and you have small children, we recommend enlisting help on moving day. This could be a babysitter, daycare, family member, or friend. This will help keep the movers going without the feat of tripping over your kids and it will help keep your kid’s daily schedule on track. 

Plan for your pets 

Before the movers arrive, make sure you have a plan for your pet on moving day. Movers need to be able to leave the door open while they load and unload the trucks. That’s why it’s important to keep your dog or cat contained to one area during the move. Utilizing a crate, enlisting someone to watch your pet, or confining htem to one room will make this process easier. 

Reserve the elevator 

If you live in an apartment, try to reserve the elevator for your move day. Sharing an elevator with all your boxes and furniture isn’t the best way to become friendly with your neighbors. Plus, it can cause some delay if the movers have to wait for elevators to become available. Save yourself and the movers time by reserving it ahead. 

What to do while movers are moving 

The best thing you can do while moving crews are working to get your things loaded and unloaded is to stay nearby so that you are able to answer any questions. Do whatever you can to ensure that they keep moving as quickly as possible. Check each room before tehy get to them for readiness, making sure boxes are taped and secure. Then check the room again as it’s emptied to ensure nothing is left behind. 

Have cash on hand for tipping 

While tipping is not required, it is nice to say thank you to movers who do an excellent job. Before the movers arrive, plan to have cash on hand. While tipping varies from person to person, many experts will tell you to tip your movers either 5% of the total bill or a reasonable flat fee. Whatever you decide to tip should reflect the level of service performed and satisfaction received at the end of your move. 

Hiring a moving company will go a long way to making the moving day process smooth and easy. Make sure you’re well prepared or you could be doing quite a bit of last minute packing, which could delay the process on moving day. At Atlanta Peach Movers, we will handle all your packing, storage, and moving needs so book your packing or moving services now to help you get going. 



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