To some, the piano in their home is a family gathering place; to others (like musical artists), it might be their workspace; and to others still, it may be a family heirloom. However it’s viewed at your house, rest assured that with Atlanta Peach Movers’ white glove treatment, a piano is never “just another piece of furniture.”

In many ways, pianos are like antiques; they don’t lose their value over time, and if properly cared for, they can even become more valuable. And while pianos are heavy, they are also precision instruments with many moving parts. That’s why at Atlanta Peach Movers, we take great care in making sure your piano is padded, shrink wrapped, carefully loaded and unloaded, and (if necessary) reassembled at your new place in the same condition as when we picked it up. Our movers are all full-time employees, trained to strict standards at our on-site training facility before ever getting on the truck. The people who come to your door know how to pad and transport your piano safely, even up and down stairs and around tight corners. And if there is any additional charge to move your piano, you’ll know it up front, so there are no surprise charges when moving day comes.

Our white glove piano moving services aren’t just for residential moves, either. We can safely transport pianos for commercial moves as well, whether we’re moving a single piano to a local music venue, or transporting a showroom of pianos from one store location to another. No job is too big or too small for Atlanta’s moving service of choice.

For safe transport of all your belongings, including your piano, you can rely on Atlanta Peach Movers to get them there safely. For a free on-site estimate for our white glove moving service, call us at 770-447-5121.