What to leave behind in your next move

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Moving can be time consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. Taking the time to pack up your things can take a lot longer than you think. A lot of people will end up with junk or knickknacks seemingly out of nowhere. Before you actually move you need to get everything together and it’s helpful to think of the bigger picture when you pack. Take advantage of the full size of your moving vehicles and leave behind non essentials for your next home.

Moving can act as the ultimate spring cleaning for your apartment or home. You have to go through your whole place regardless, so what better time to get rid of things than before a move? The earlier you plan for the better, because if you find something of value that you will not use anymore you can look into selling it. It’s always good to try and donate things that work as much as possible and the earlier you start prepping the more time you will have to give things away.

Something to consider before you pack it up: do you use it and do you need it? There are four major things that you can easily get rid of during your move. Things that no longer work, clothes that no longer fit, furniture or appliances you won’t be bringing, and general junk and clutter that managed to stick around your place for too long.

The easiest things to throw away are the things are broken. It’s easy to lose track of things in your home or apartment and you might not even realize that you still have it! A general rule is to just simply get rid of things that are broken beyond simple repair and that you won’t be trying to fix. Some broken items that are expensive, small, or that are easily fixable might be worth keeping. But major things that just take up space and don’t work shouldn’t come with you.

Clothes can take up a ton of room when you move and if you don’t wear them often or don’t fit should definitely be left behind. If there are any minor rips or tears plan on buying a replacement and leave it behind for the ease of saving space. Think about donating things that no longer fit or that you don’t wear anymore.

Furniture and appliances can be tricky to manage since they take up so much space. Depending on your future apartment or home, it may be difficult to get your current furniture and large appliances in or it may already come furnished. It would be worth looking into a potential upgrade if you can afford to, but if the furniture is in good enough shape and relatively easy to move it could be worth keeping.

Small knickknack items and things that clutter up your house that add no sentimental value are definitely worth considering leaving behind. Things you can find in your drawers, under your couch, or that you got for free and don’t use are the things you should look to leave behind.

You will probably come across important things at various points of your packing, and if you come across and liquids or things that can damage other items try to use them up and leave them behind. Try to keep all your delicate things away from the general and larger items to prevent damages or breaks.



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