Should I Use Moving Boxes Or Containers?

Most people never even give a second thought to the type of packing and packaging materials they use when moving. Going down to the post office or even the local supermarket to snatch up all their spare cardboard boxes seems to be a national obsession among movers. But, there might be a better way: using moving containers instead. Here are some considerations for deciding how to pack your items in preparation for a move.

 Consider The Total Cost:

The total cost for going with cardboard boxes and for using moving containers will really depend on a number of factors. For example, you should first have a very good idea of how much will need to be moved. A professional moving company can help you take the size of your home and determine approximately how many boxes will be needed or how big a truck (the truck size can also be used to determine how large of a container) is required.

You will also need to think about the type of container which will be used for comparison. Actually, moving containers come in all different materials, styles, and sizes. Perhaps the most popular are plastic and metal. In most cases, a plastic moving container will cost less than a comparative amount of traditional cardboard boxes along with all of their packing peanuts, tape, and associated material.

Consider The Element Of Time:

Maybe even just as important as saving money will be the amount time it takes you to move with cardboard boxes as opposed to plastic or metal moving containers. There is the obvious time savings of not having to go through a nearly endless number of boxes, filling them with peanuts or other packing material and then sealing them properly. Of course, this assumes all the individual items have already been properly stored and packed inside, another very tedious process.

When using moving containers, you simply need to place your stuff inside and that’s about it. Sure, it still has to be arranged to ensure the best balance and fragile items will need special padding and protection, but these are things you needed to do anyway, no matter which packing option was chosen.

Loading & Transporting:

Moving containerThe next element to consider when deciding between using moving boxes and containers is the act of actually loading your items onto the truck and then transporting them to your destination. With boxes, you are going to have the traditional tediousness of actually packing up the truck, organizing and arranging everything and then unloading once the destination is reached. Just be sure to use a legitimate and licensed carrier.

With moving containers, this process can be streamlined a bit. The container can be rented and delivered to you ahead of time. You can go ahead and load it at your leisure. This way, moving day is much more relaxed since you only need to pack up the remaining items. The container is then sealed and placed onto the truck. It can then be transported to your new location or even to a storage unit, giving you the flexibility to arrive at the most convenient time.


It is certainly your decision whether to use moving boxes or moving containers. If you have only a small number of items, then the moving boxes might be a viable option; otherwise, you are more likely to save time, money, and effort with moving containers. Why not give the Atlanta Peach Moving team a call today to discuss all your moving options? Grab your FREE consultation right now.



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