We were featured in Fortune 500!

Atlanta Peach Movers is proud to announce that we were featured in Fortune 500 Magazine! Our president Orlando Lynch was featured in an article that stresses the importance of minority suppliers and their role in helping corporate America grow. Here is what he had to say…

President and CEO Orlando Lynch, looking for a chance to run his own business, bought a tiny moving company in 1987 for $4,500. Since then he has built it into a firm with 130 full-time employees, 40 trucks and tractors, and $10 million in annual sales. In addition to residential customers, the company handles employee relocations for AT&T, Macy’s, Wells Fargo, and the Atlanta Braves. “I’ve never wanted to get a customer because I’m a minority-owned firm,” Lynch says. “I want to earn the business because we’re the best company for the job.”

Check out the full article about Atlanta Peach Movers here.



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