Proud to be the official mover of the Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Peach Movers is proud to be the Official Mover of the Atlanta Braves. Achieving this status means that we are a trusted partner who handles all of their relocations. In addition to doing personal moves for Braves players, staff, and employees, we also handle their biggest move of the year: the annual trip to Disney World for Spring Training. We make sure every bat, ball, hat, jersey, and much more make it down to Florida as smoothly as possible. It takes quite an effort to get everything from Turner Field to Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex, but it’s a job we gladly enjoy doing.

Initially, Orlando Lynch, owner of Atlanta Peach Movers was introduced to the Braves through a relationship that he developed with Turner Broadcasting.  It’s all part of the core philosophy at Atlanta Peach, developing and maintaining relationships. Orlando often says, “We’re in good keeping with the Braves, and we love to attend the games and talk about baseball.” Being a major supporter himself, you can often find Orlando at the stadium sitting just behind the catcher in the SunTrust section. In fact, Orlando was honored by the Braves earlier this year by receiving the Jackie Robinson ‘Most Valuable Diverse Business Partner’ Award. As you can see, having this relationship is a win for the Braves, Atlanta Peach Movers, and the fans!

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