Moving with Special Items: Atlanta’s Art, Antiques, and Pianos

It can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of moving, your more special items should be top of mind before packing begins. Moving your art, antiques, and pianos can be tricky. These items require extra care when moving that you may not be thinking of. 

Quality movers know this and are prepared to handle these items with the care and attention they deserve. They will do all of the packing and transportation for you. If you’ve decided to do part or all of the packing yourself, you’ll need to take special precautions to keep everything safe and secure. We’ve included materials, instructions, and tips for successfully packing and moving your art, antiques, and pianos. 

Packed furniture

Moving Artwork and Framed Prints

Don’t try to move your art without proper packing materials. These will make a huge difference in preventing the items from scratching or breaking. 

First, you should locate several large, heavy duty picture boxes that are big enough to hold your artwork. If you saved the original boxes they items came in, we recommend using those since you know it will already be safe and secure in there. You can also purchase telescope boxes, which are used to pack art and other flat-lying, rectangular objects. If the artwork is particularly large, you can also use a crate to hold the item. 

We strongly recommend wrapping your art in Glassine, instead of typical plastic wrap. This will properly project anything from blemishing the fine art or print. After securing the Glassine with tape, it’s time to break out the bubble wrap. Wrape the bubble wrap around the item at least twice to provide enough protective cushioning. 

The corners of framed art are particularly vulnerable to scratches and nicks. This makes it important to surround these parts with corner protectors. Then if you feel it still needs extra protection, it doesn’t hurt to wrap it in a moving blanket. Be sure to place it in a spot where it won’t be damaged by heavy furniture or large boxes in the truck. 

Moving Antiques 

From porcelain plates to inherited furniture, antiques are often valuable and irreplaceable to their owners. Items like these can be worth a bit of money and also possess great sentimental value. So it’s important to handle them with care. 

First, take note of all of your inventory, just in case something is damaged during the move. Also check to see if the antiques are covered by your home insurance, if not it may be worth purchasing antique and collectibles insurance. 

Next, you’ll most likely need multiple rolls of bubble wrap, packing tape, moving blankets, crates and a tool set. If the furniture is large, and you’re able to safely disassemble we suggest doing this first. Once your parts are ready to go, wrap the antique in as much bubble wrap as possible and secure with tape. And to be safe adding a moving blanket may be a good idea. 

Place the valuables in a crate or if you’re unable to find a wooden crate, just having a sturdy outer layer like cardboard is better than nothing. Adding this extra layer of protection will help in the transportation stage. 

Moving Pianos 

Even though pianos are large and heavy, they are actually very delicate instruments and rough handling can ruin their sound. Upright or grand pianos have tons of moving parts, so movers will need to secure and pad them to prevent damage in transit. If you own a piano weighing 1,000 pounds or more, we strongly recommend having professionals do this for you so you don’t damage the piano or even injure yourself.  

If you’re wanting to give it a try yourself you can try these tips: 

  • Find the appropriate moving supplies and materials – You’ll need plenty of blankers for protection and tape to secure it down. You may also need a skid board to secure the piano in order to move it around. 
  • Enlist many helpers 
  • Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways – You should measure any place in your home that the piano will pass through to make sure the piano will fit. Make sure doors are open, floors are protected, and any furniture in the way has been moved. 
  • Bench and lid – cover the piano keys and pedals with bubble wrap and close the lid and put a towel over it. Wrap the bench and the music wrap in a moving blanket and secure it with tape

Once your items arrive to your new home it will take time and care to unpack them so they don’t get damaged. We understand the excitement of having your special items getting to your new home but the last thing you’ll want is to have them all properly packed and then accidentally damaged as you unload them. 

Our Promise

At Atlanta Peach movers we pride ourselves on our white glove moving services, taking the extra steps necessary to make sure your special items arrive in the same condition they left. Antiques, art and pianos are no problem for us. Each of our team members make sure all your things are properly padded and shrink-wrapped before it goes in the truck and we can even unpack it for you. Whether you have one precious item or a house full, when you contact us you’ll know you are placing these priceless pieces in good hands.



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