Moving with a Large Family: Organization and Planning Tips 

Moving can be a daunting task, and when you have a large family, the challenges can multiply. On the one hand, there are more people to help with the packing and moving boxes but on the other hand, there are a lot more emotions to try and manage. Young children can make it more complicated, while older children have strong feelings about leaving. 

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The process can be smoother and even enjoyable with careful planning and open communication. Getting everyone on board, assigning roles, and letting the kids participate can make the moving process easier for everyone. 

Having decades in the moving business has allowed us to gather some helpful tips to prepare your family for your move. We’ll address the unique challenges of moving with a large family and provide strategies to keep everyone on the same page. 

Have a discussion 

Call a family meeting as soon as you’re ready to talk about moving with your kids. Let your children voice their opinions and feelings, even if they may not all be positive. This is a big change for them so they deserve a chance to say how they feel. 

Tell them where you’ll be moving to, when, and why. Take their thoughts into consideration about features they’d like to see in the new house. Encouraging each family member to express their feelings and opinions will help create a sense of unity and reduce anxiety. 

Planning is key 

Moving with a large family requires a lot of planning. Create a moving calendar that outlines key dates and tasks. Include school registration, utility setups, and packing deadlines. Assign specific roles to each family member to distribute the workload. This calendar will serve as a visual aid for everyone in the family, ensuring that everyone is aware of upcoming events and deadlines. 

Give everyone a role

Make the move a family affair by involving everyone in the planning process. Assign tasks based on age and ability. For younger kids, they can sort through toys or help pack non-breakable items. For older kids, they can assist in more complex tasks like packing their room, painting a bedroom, or decluttering a basement. Giving everyone a role in the move can help them feel ownership over the process and lightens the load on you.

Make it fun 

When assigning roles to everyone, you can also try to introduce some fun elements into it. Make it seem like a game for your kids. It can be fun to give seek-and-find a try. Tell your kids that you want them to find certain items in the home, and if they find them quickly, they get a prize. Or make packing a competition. There are so many fun activities you can try and creativity goes a long way. 

Personalize moving plans 

It’s important to recognize that each family member may have different needs and concerns about the move. Tailor your moving plans to accommodate everyone’s preferences. For example, allow each kid to pack a “moving day essentials” box with their favorite items, snacks, and comfort items. 

Stay organized 

When relocating it’s essential to stay organized and even more important when you have a lot of children. Make an inventory list while packing. Since large families have more possessions than smaller ones, packing and unpacking can easily turn into a nightmare. Make a list of the items packed and put a number on a box before closing it. Color coding can also be one of the great moving tips for large families. Let every member choose their color and mark their boxes in that color. 

You can also keep a binder of all the information you want to keep track of while moving. Whether that’s information about your new home, the new school for your kids, or your new job, remember to show everyone in the family the binder and discuss that it’s important not to pack it. 

Stay positive 

Moving can be emotional for everyone, so it’s crucial to maintain a positive atmosphere. Celebrate milestones during the process, like completing a room or packing a set number of boxes. This keeps spirits high and helps create a sense of accomplishment. 

Also, remember to take breaks for fun activities and family outings to help maintain a sense of normalcy. Prioritize self-care for yourself and each family member, whether it’s a nice evening at home or a trip to the movies, taking time to relax is crucial during the hectic moving process. 

Moving with a large family is a complex task, but with careful planning and open communication, it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. With these strategies, everyone will be on the same page and it can turn into an opportunity for growth, resilience, and strengthened family bonds. 

You don’t have to do everything alone, our experienced movers have all the necessary tools to make the whole relocation seem like a breeze. Now you can spend more time with the people who matter and less time stressing about the move. 



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