Moving Insights & Misconceptions

Moving is certainly a challenge, and should be left to the experts at Atlanta Peach Movers. People don’t realize how much labor is involved in moving and often find that they will wear themselves out often causing an injury which can cost more than the move itself had they hired professionals.  We constantly hear people say the same three things when we provide an estimate and recommend the number of men, required equipment, and number of hours it will take to complete the move: I don’t have that much stuff; I don’t need that many men; it won’t take that long. Each piece that you have has a certain cubic value, and movers calculate how many cubes or pounds of furniture that you have. Another phrase that we hear is: I don’t have a ton of stuff.  Our usual response is, “You actually have two tons of stuff.” Two tons is four thousand pounds or about the equivalent of a good size SUV. How often do you lift 4000 pounds in a day?

When providing a moving estimate, the best solution is to have the right amount of manpower and equipment. For example, if you are in a one bedroom apartment on a ground floor moving to another apartment nearby on a second floor and have ten small pieces, the best solution is to have two men do the move for you.  If you have additional items and are in a two bedroom apartment with an elevator, your best bet is to go with four men. Remember that you are paying for time, so you want to increase the labor and decrease moving time. If you are in a large home, you might want six men and two trucks. Our best advice to you is to not try and estimate your own move. We typically find that there is a seventy-percent chance that the customer will underestimate the time required and pay too much. Please call us before you make arrangements and discuss your options.  Atlanta Peach Movers is a premium service providing value. Our customers find that quality pays; it doesn’t cost!



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