Is There a Checklist for Moving? 

Checklist for Moving

Would you like a moving checklist to help streamline the process? Relocating to a new home requires plenty of planning. Professional moving companies recommend starting at least eight weeks before your scheduled move-in date. This handy checklist will guide you through each week.

Eight Weeks Before

You signed your mortgage paperwork or new lease. Now you need to start planning how to move everything there. Two months before the big day, you should begin contacting moving companies for an estimate. Read plenty of reviews, and make sure they have a current license with the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Six Weeks Before

Inventory all your belongings. Both a spreadsheet and photographs will help you keep track of everything. Go ahead and start collecting plenty of boxes. But if you want to save time, let the moving company handle the packing. Now is also the time to rent a storage unit if you need to ship anything in advance.

Four Weeks Before

Hopefully, you found a moving company you really like. Finalize all the details with them and sign a contract. Figure out how you will get to your new place. If it’s far away, you might need to buy a plane ticket. It’s also wise to reserve a rental car at this point to ensure they don’t run out of vehicles.

Two Weeks Before

Now is the time to update your contact information. Change your address with the post office. Let your banks, insurance companies, and anyone else you have an account with know about the upcoming move. If you have any recurring subscriptions (gym, meal services, etc.), go ahead and update or cancel them now. Have you thought about packing? You have the green light to begin that, too.

One Week Before

Moving day is almost here! It’s time to get down and dirty. Clean out every room in your house, and disassemble any large pieces. Pack a few suitcases with essential items that will tide you over until you can unpack. And don’t forget to book a cleaning service at your new home so that it passes the white-glove test when you arrive.

On Moving Day

Whew! You made it! It’s a busy day, but the moving crew will do the heavy lifting for you. Make sure to review and sign the official inventory list—and keep a copy for quick reference. Before leaving, do a final walkthrough to ensure you didn’t leave anything behind.

Leave Moving to the Professionals

Packing, loading the truck, and unpacking is challenging work. One wrong move could send a box of breakables crashing to the floor. Instead of dealing with this unneeded stress, let a professional moving company handle it for you.

Atlanta Peach Movers has a reputation for excellent service and hassle-free moves. We do it all, from packing to unloading. For over 30 years, we have helped our customers relocate down the road, across the country, or over the ocean. No matter how many heavy boxes you have, we’ll get them to your new home safe and sound.

Moving soon? Connect with us online to mark “hire movers” as completed on your checklist for moving.



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