Is It Worth Paying for Packing When Moving?

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I love packing! said absolutely no one ever. Packing is the job people worry about way too much when moving. The seemingly endless task takes hours on end, and there’s still a chance you’ll mislabel a critical box. (Ever try to figure out where you packed your clean underwear after a long move?)

But you have tons of stuff—some of which is highly fragile—and you want to keep it all. What should you do? Many moving companies offer professional packing to their customers. Here’s why you should consider paying for packing when moving:

Saves a Ton of Time

Packing an entire house isn’t a quick job. Most people—at least those who didn’t procrastinate—start a packing strategy about six weeks before their moving date. Why so early? It gives them time to buy the supplies needed and determine which items to box up first. The actual packing park can take upwards of three weeks.

Professional movers pack much faster than the average person. They show up with an entire crew of strong, trained workers. What might take you several weeks, they can complete in a single day. And you can use the extra time to say goodbye to your friends.

Reduces the Risk of Damage

Take a glance around your home. How many items are fragile, heavy, or valuable? Amateur packing puts these items—and yourself—at risk. The odds are good that you’ll drop something along the way or forget to wrap a breakable heirloom in enough bubble wrap. You could even throw out your back lifting oversized furniture to add some padding.

Paying someone else to pack your belongings reduces these risks. Professional movers bring equipment, such as dollies and bungee cords, to help them move heavy pieces. They will also use proper packing materials to prevent items from breaking during transit.

Fewer Stressful Moments

Moving to a new home or apartment is already stressful enough. Why would you want to add anything else to your already full plate? Here’s what you might find yourself worrying about when packing:

  • Do I have enough boxes?
  • Is this box too heavy?
  • Should I cram these items in the same box?
  • What’s the best way to close this box?
  • Am I going to finish in time?

These are valid concerns. Instead of figuring out the best way to pack everything, let a professional do it. At the end of your move, the boxes will arrive in an organized fashion, making it easier for you to settle into your new residence.

Packing Made Simple

The team at Atlanta Peach Movers can make any relocation efficient and stress-free. For over three decades, we’ve helped streamline moves for countless customers. Our movers are the most skilled in the business. We hand-train them in our very own Peach University, ensuring they can handle jobs of all sizes. From packing to moving to storage, our white-glove services will make your move go smoothly.

Dreading packing your entire home? Get in touch to learn why we always recommend paying for packing when moving.



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