What Insurances Should My Moving Company Have?

It’s important to feel comfortable with your moving service provider – after all, they’ll be handling most or all of your worldly possessions. All household moving companies are required to obtain insurance coverage, the specifics of which vary state-to-state.

The following forms of insurance are required offerings for all movers:

Cargo Insurance

Inclusive protection of your goods covers customers in the event of:

  • Damage during transit, including automobile accidents
  • Loss or theft

Cargo insurance is not required to confirm to any particular federal standards, so be aware that offered policies will differ (sometimes greatly) from mover to mover. When shopping around, consider more than just price; rather, ensure that you will be properly covered against the worst.

Atlanta Moving CompanyLiability Insurance

This is to cover incidental damages to any items or features that are not your transported cargo, including but not limited to:

  • Your home (new or previous)
  • Common areas and facilities in an apartment building
  • Street signs and other public fixtures
  • Other vehicles

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

It’s not always immediately apparent to our customers, but if the moving personnel are injured and/or impaired during while moving your possessions, it’s possible that you may be held liable. That’s why workers’ compensation insurance is a standard for moving companies, keeping you protected at a minimal cost.

Valuation Coverage

Movers are required to supply a certain amount of valuation coverage for free, although the exact amount is dependent on state laws. This provides a limited, per-pound value of protection against damages to your goods. In most instances, higher levels of valuation coverage are available for purchase.

Note that (if you still own your previous house at the time of the move) your home insurance plan may extend to cover items during the shipping process, and provide more substantial coverage than the free valuation plan. The provider may even offer their own form of moving insurance as a potential alternative.

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