How to Estimate Your Moving Expenses

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Before you decide to move, it’s a wise idea to set a moving budget. You’d be surprised how quickly all of the little moving expenses here and there will add up over time!

To help yourself stay on budget during your move, we have provided a checklist of expenses below. In the spaces that follow, fill in the cost of each expense.

#1: Calculate the Cost of Paperwork

Paper isn’t free. And neither is paperwork. Most apartments will require that you pay an application fee. This fee pays someone to actually process and approve your rental agreement. Typically the application fee will be about $40- $100 and must be paid with a check or money order.

  1. Application Fee: ___

#2: Calculate Your Deposits and Cash Money Due Upfront

Before you can sign your paperwork, you will also have to provide several different down payments. These monetary payments will reserve your space as a renter in the builder. Once they are deposited, you will then be granted a move-in date.

  1. Security Deposit: ___
  2. First Month’s Rent: ___
  3. Last Month’s Rent:___
  4. Pet Fees: ___

#3: Calculate Additional Moving Costs

Of course, there will be other expenses for your move, as well. Don’t forget to think about these miscellaneous expenses when calculating your moving costs.  

  1. Moving Truck: ___
  2. Packing Supplies: ___
  3. Gas: ___

#4: Calculate the Cost of Utilities

  1. Gas Set Up:
  2. Cable Set Up:

Once you have filled in each empty slot, go ahead and add them together. This will give you a rough estimate of how much money you will need upfront in order to move.


We hope that this quick estimator will help you better prepare for your upcoming move! The more prepared you are financially, the easier the rest of your transition should go.

For more questions about estimating your moving costs or about renting moving equipment, please contact us today. Or check out our website, here.



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