Helpful Tips For Moving A Piano

Pianos are some of the largest, heaviest, and most awkward items found in a home. No doubt this presents some interesting challenges when it comes time for moving into a new home. Some models can be 60 inches in height and weigh 800 pounds or more, so the proper amount of manpower and care needs to be used as well. No matter which tips or techniques are used, you always need to ensure the proper care and safety to ensure no one is hurt and the piano is not damaged.

Start With Proper Equipment:

By recognizing the moving a piano is not the same thing as moving a bed or mattress, you can think about the type of equipment which may be needed. This may include renting or buying some heavy duty lifting / moving straps to help get a better hold of the piano itself. Also consider obtaining a furniture dolly (one that is strong enough to support added weight). The straps may even be used to help secure the piano to the dolly. These are the same pieces of equipment used by professional movers.

Protect The Piano Keyboard:

moving truck, up against the wall that separates the storage area from the driver’s cabin. You may also wish to use wood planks to ensure a level surface (most moving trucks are not level). This will relieve the pressure on both the legs and piano casters. Also, secure the piano to the truck wall, using straps, so that it cannot roll around during the drive.

Moving To The New Home:

Before taking the piano off the truck, you should know exactly where it will go. Make a clear path in order to help facilitate the process of its set-up in the new location. Preferably, this should be against an inside wall where it will be protected against the weather (especially cold and any possible water or dampness). Simply reverse the steps above for taking the piano off the truck and moving into position in the new home.

Also, make sure to have your piano tuned. This must be done every time a piano is moved, since their inner workings are very sensitive to bumps and movements. A professional should have everything sounding perfect very quickly.

Bottom Line:

The easiest way to move your piano is by calling the professionals. The folks at Peach Tree Movers do this for a living. All of their 150 team member are full time professionals, and not students or other seasonal workers simply out to make a quick buck. Contact us today and get a FREE quote!



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