Pros and Cons of a DIY Move vs. Hiring a Moving Company

As if the process of moving doesn’t come with enough choices. You also need to figure out if it’s better to hire a moving company or DIY style. 

Deciding on whether to hire movers or not largely depends on your budget, how far you are moving, the complexity of the move, and your personality. A lot of people aren’t able to carry a mattress let alone a couch up and down a flight of stairs. Asking friends and family to help is an option but the odds of them being able to do the heavy lifting too is pretty low. However, around 75% of people chose to do DIY moves using their own equipment, renting a truck, or moving containers. 

Before you make your decision, take a look at the pros and cons of each option. 

DIY Moving


  1. The most flexible, you have total control over your move
    • One of the greatest pros to DIY moving is that you are in complete control of your move. You get to choose everything from the truck, your moving supplies, and moving the boxes to ensure nothing breaks. And if something comes up you have the ability to adjust your plans as needed and if time allows. 
  2. Cost-effective
    • As we all know one of the biggest advantages of DIY moving is how cost-effective it is. If you’re on a tight budget, just simply renting a moving truck could save you thousands.
  3. Pack however you want
    • Along the lines of the first point when preparing for a DIY move, you don’t have to panic about packing all of your belongings perfectly. The odd shaped lamp or fake ficus plant you have doesn’t have to be boxed up for the movers. As long as everything can fit in the truck or cars you’re using you’re good to go. 
  4. Learning experience
    • Maybe you aren’t the best at organization or planning but by tackling this process yourself, you can develop these skills and gain a sense of accomplishment when the task is over. Moving is a learning experience no matter which option you decide. 


  1. You do the heavy lifting/work intensive
    • One of the worst things about a DIY move is that you have to move everything yourself or recruit people to help you (which may have to involve some bribing to get them to help). If you are an inexperienced group of movers it may even lead to some marks and scratches on the walls while lifting all the heavy furniture. And who would want to lose out on getting their security deposit back? 
  2. It takes a lot of planning/time consuming
    • While it is nice to be able to pack however you want, coordinating the logistics of a move yourself will take a TON of planning. You still need to think about the best way to load the rental truck, who might take what thing in their car, and last but not least you need to figure out how to get everything you own from point A to B. 
  3. Unexpected problems may arise/lack of expertise/limited resources
    • You can’t plan everything out and if something unexpected happens you may be out of luck. Without the tools and assistance of professionals, you might end up yelling “PIVOT!” with a couch in a stairwell just like Ross on Friends instead of relaxing on it in your new home. 

Hiring Movers


  1. Move with a peace of mind
    • Just sit back and leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals. After all, the movers were hired for a reason! By hiring a reputable moving company you won’t have to worry about lifting and carrying heavy furniture or straining any muscles in the process. They know how to handle various types of items, navigate tight spaces, and ensure your items are safe. Without the strain of moving your items, you can focus on getting your children or pets ready to go with a peace of mind.
  2. Very efficient and time-saving
    • With the reputable moving company you hired they should arrive on time with the appropriate supplies and equipment. Saving you time and money from the not so fun task of gathering dollies and furniture pads last minute.  
  3. Overall, less stress
    • Hiring movers saves you from the common moving day stresses. In addition to the time saving benefits, movers will also save you from driving the giant truck to your new home. Moving trucks are very challenging to drive and trailers are much easier. If the idea of having to drive a large truck gives you the shivers, we suggest hiring movers to help. 


  1. Cost
    • Hiring a moving company can be pricey. According to Forbes, moves within 100 miles average $1,400 per move and long distance moves could even go up to $10,000. The estimate may include an hourly rate, a flat fee, or both making it a significant investment. 
  2. Less control/flexibility
    • If you are one who loves to be in control over every detail, when you hire professionals, you are giving up some control over the move. From the date and time of the pickup to how they are loading your belongings, there isn’t much you can give input on. Sometimes, in a worst-case scenario you could end up waiting weeks for your truck to arrive if they have multiple stops to make. So if you like to be in control, hiring a moving company may not be the best option for your move. 
  3. Risk of damage or loss
    • While professional movers are careful with your belongings, accidents can still happen. There is always a small risk of damage or loss of items during the move. 
  4. Impersonal
    • Chances are you don’t personally know your movers. Trusting your belongings to strangers can be a bit nerve-racking. That’s why reading reviews and checking ratings are important to look at before contacting a moving company to help you. 

So, should you do it yourself or hire a pro? When deciding whether to use a moving service, the bottom line is what your capabilities are and what you can afford to compromise on. Moving services may cost more but they help take a load off one of the most stressful situations in a person’s life. However, if you are capable of handling the hard work yourself with the help of friends you’ll learn a lot from the experience. 

If you’ve made your decision to hire a moving company, reach out to the friendly team at Atlanta Peach Movers for a free quote. 



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