Among the many items that need to be safely transferred during an office or corporate move, computers and electronics are perhaps the most critical. Atlanta Peach Movers knows that computers are the lifeblood of nearly every company nowadays, which is why we take extra care in packing, transporting and reinstalling them in every commercial move we make. All of our moving staff members are full time employees who have been trained to the strictest standards at our state-of-the-art training facility. When we show up at your office, you can rest assured your movers know how to get your computers and electronics moved and set up safely and securely.

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Local Movers Doraville

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Almost every aspect of your business is likely tied to computers and electronics, including customer contact, sales, invoicing, accounting, logistics, inventory and a host of other critical functions. If a computer is damaged during an office move, it can literally cripple your business. Atlanta Peach Movers takes every possible precaution to ensure this doesn’t happen. We carefully pack each workstation in your office with protective materials to keep monitors safe from scratches or damage, and we take steps to immobilize the computers themselves against jostling and jarring movements. If you are using us to help unpack and set up your new office space, we also make sure each workstation area is organized and contained for easy reset. And everything we pack for you is insured against damage and loss.

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Of course, despite every precaution, we cannot be responsible for protecting the data on your hard drives, although we take great care in protecting the hardware. For that reason, we highly recommend you do a full backup of all computers prior to your move.

Atlanta Peach Movers is Atlanta’s choice for commercial moves because of our 20-year track record of providing great care and service with every move we make. This is why some of Atlanta’s pre-eminent businesses trust us and recommend us to others. For a free estimate on your next Atlanta commercial move, give us a call at 770-447-5121.