Can a Local Moving Company Also Do International Moves?

Moving across national borders comes with its own challenges: there’s paperwork to fill out, possessions to sell, and medical and financial arrangements to make. But do you need to seek out the services of a specialized international moving company?

While there’s no need to hold out for a company that markets itself solely as an international moving service, the fact is that finding movers with experience in navigating the process is well worth it. Here are just a few of the common trials and tribulations facing those relocating internationally that we can help with:

Visa Arrangementsvisa stamps

The first step in moving internationally is often to arrange for legal entry and extended stay in the target country. With experience in moves to a wide range of countries, we’re fully prepared to assist – wherever it is that you’re going. We’ll help you to understand and navigate the visa application process, and ensure that your passport is on-hand and up-to-date.

Customs Paperwork

The customs process adds another layer of complexity to moving, and it’s invaluable to have the assistance of professionals who are familiar with it. Each destination country will have different policies regarding import duties, and regulating which items (if any) may be barred entry or subject to increased fees. Vehicles, for instance, may be problematic or unusually expensive to bring along if they don’t meet certain emissions criteria.

As experienced international movers, we’ll guide you through the process and work proactively with officials at the border to ensure that everything goes smoothly. After all, rules can be opaque for outsiders, and the last thing you want to be concerned with is getting hit with unexpected complications.

Securing Insurance

Your personal possessions go on the journey of their lifetime during an international move. After being packed up at home and trucked away, they’ll often be transported to a storage facility before being processed through customs. They may even be shipped across a lake or the open ocean. After inspection at the border, they’ll hit the road again and be delivered to your new home or place of business.

All these steps mean there’s a higher-than-normal number of ways that something could, in theory, go wrong. As such, your regular moving insurance policy won’t necessarily extend to the full range of scenarios that can be encountered in an international move. We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re covered against all unexpected possibilities.

Short-term Storage

It’s not always feasible to take all of your possessions with you on moving day – especially when you have a border crossing and customs procedure to contend with. If you’ve got items that need to be stored away for a while, rest easy knowing that we’re prepared to pad and protect your furniture and household goods in our military-approved storage facility. When the time comes to have them delivered, you’ll have everything just as you left it.

Atlanta Peach Movers offers world-class moving services – locally, nationally, and internationally. Reach out today, and let’s discuss your next move.



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