5 Tips for Moving Internationally  

1) Find a Quality Mover

It’s not enough to check a quick review or two online – you need to know that your moving company has specific experience with international moves, and a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment. Understanding how to navigate the border – and how to assist you in an informed manner with your own international relocation questions – is crucial in a professional mover.

2) Research Vehicle Options

Some people elect to take their vehicles abroad with them, but this comes with a set of rules and regulations that can potentially be quite complex (depending on your destination), and for that reason many others will simply sell their car, truck, or motorcycle. If you’d prefer to keep yours, look into not only what shipping will cost, but also whether your new country of residence restricts certain vehicle models or types from entering.

3) Have a Garage SaleGarage Sale

Moving is always a great opportunity to do a full inventory of your possessions and cut down on unnecessary clutter, and this is even more true for international moves. Shipping long distances and across borders can get pricy, especially for big items like furniture, so try to make some time for an honest assessment of what you can handle selling or giving away.

4) Address Health Needs and History

Medical regulations and needs can vary dramatically from country to country, but there are a few constants you can count on. Prepare proof of existing vaccinations, and determine whether you may need any boosters or even entirely new vaccinations. You may want to bring full refills of your prescription medications, and back-ups of items like prescription glasses, which (until you get settled and transfer your medical records to a new physician) can be hard to replace quickly if disaster strikes.

5) Prepare Yourself Financially

One thing that many people don’t consider when moving to a brand new country is just how different financial systems can be abroad. Not only will you need to set up a new, local bank account and work with a new currency, you’ll need to educate yourself on taxation, how property is bought and managed, etc. Start with a quick Internet search to learn the basics before you even leave your old home. If you have specific questions, try bringing them to your current banker – they are often well-versed in international finance.

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