10 Things to Know for Your Commercial Move

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Are you considering a commercial move? If your office or business is moving locations this year, then this is for you. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy. Check out our exclusive list below of the ten most important things you need to know when planning your commercial move.

10 Things You Must Know Before Your Commercial Move

  1. Timing Matters Moving your office on a timely matter is essential your business. We don’t want your business to fall behind just because you have to move offices. Our staff works directly with your company to determine a timeline that works for you. Give us a call today to discuss what timeframe you’re working with and how we can help.
  1. Appoint a Moving Coordinator On moving day, it’s a good idea to appoint someone to stay behind as a moving coordinator. This person can give our staff direction about what to do and fill us in on any last minute details.
  1. Protect Your Office Furniture No one wants to arrive in their new office to discover all of their office furniture has been broken. At Atlanta Peach Movers, we require that our movers to undergo package training. In this training, they learn how to pack furniture correctly so that it isn’t in shambles after the move.
  1. Package your technology the RIGHT way Mishandled and mispackaged technology could leave your company with an expensive problem. Make sure that you package and label your technology properly. If you need help packing your technology, please reach out to us prior to your move. We have trained experts who can help assure you that your technology is safe and sound during your move.
  1. Hire TRAINED + specialized commercial movers Don’t trust just anyone to move your office. Make sure that your movers have undergone specialized commercial training. We guarantee that all of our movers have undergone commercial training before they even show up at your office.
  1. What about this mess? Make sure that your new office isn’t a mess for your employees to pick up. When you hire Atlanta Movers, we actually take all of the trash with us, which means less extra work for you and your employees.
  1. Label carefully Make sure you know whose boxes are whose. By properly labeling your employees things, your employees will have less stress when they come to their new office.
  1. Take someone’s word for it. Don’t just hire any moving company to handle your commercial move. Research your moving company and learn what other types of companies they have experience with. Atlanta Peach movers has worked hundreds of commercial moves, from the Atlanta Zoo to the public schools. We’ve done it all!
  1. Think about insurance Before you move be sure to check with your moving company about insurance. We’ll gladly walk you through our company’s moving insurance and give you advice about what you should do.
  1. Prepare your employees before your move It’s a good idea to give your employees as much information about your commercial move as you can. We create this



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