Hacks for Efficiently Packing Shoes During Your Move

We understand the frustration that packing can involve. From packing up your kitchen or even trying to figure out how many boxes you need it can cause you to pull out your hair.  But what about packing up your shoes? They’re bulky, oddly shaped, and dirty. Packing shoes for your move takes a bit of […]

10 Children’s Books to Help Your Kids Handle Moving

Moving to a new home can be a big transition for children especially if the move means uprooting them from their school and circle of friends. As a parent, there are plenty of ways to help prepare your kids for a move to ease their fears and concerns. We are here to help make the […]

Pros and Cons of a DIY Move vs. Hiring a Moving Company

As if the process of moving doesn’t come with enough choices. You also need to figure out if it’s better to hire a moving company or DIY style.  Deciding on whether to hire movers or not largely depends on your budget, how far you are moving, the complexity of the move, and your personality. A […]

Common Misconceptions for First-Time Movers

At Atlanta Peach Movers we have been moving since the 1980’s. With over 30 years of proven experience in the Atlanta area, a fleet of 38 vehicles and thousands of satisfied customers, we are your first choice for local, regional, national and even international moves. Over the past three decades we have observed some of […]

What to Expect on Move In Day

Atlanta Peach Movers understands how stressful move-in day can be. Whether it is a long or short distance move, the pressure is still the same. Luckily, with over 30 years in the business, Atlanta Peach Movers has seen plenty of move-in days and is here to help! These are some of our recommendations on what […]

Preparing Your Child for a Long Distance Move

A long distance move causes enough strain as it is, but we at Atlanta Peach Movers understand how much harder bringing a child along can be. Having decades in the moving business has allowed us to gather some helpful tips and tricks to preparing your child for a long distance move. Show them your excitement […]

Are You Ready to be a Homeowner?

Are you ready to be a homeowner? Tired of paying rent every month and having to deal with landlords? We get it, but before you buy your first home, make sure to check our list to ensure that you’re prepared.  When you are ready to buy a home get a free quote with us to […]

Tips for Moving Your Kids to College

Moving your kids to college can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Atlanta Peach Movers has a few tips for moving your kids to college that will hopefully make the process a bit easier. Make sure to not overpack and also recognize that some items can be bought at the local Walmart or […]

How to Meet Your New Neighbors

Not sure how to meet your new neighbors after a move? Atlanta Peach Movers is here to help! We understand how challenging it can be to put yourself out there, especially in a new community. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get acquainted with the neighborhood. A Housewarming Gift or Dessert A […]

Five Websites to Help You Sell Your Belongings Before a Move

Preparing for a move can be an overwhelming process, whether it be long distance or short. Atlanta Peach Movers understands that between sorting, packing, and discarding your items there is always something to do. Here are some of the most useful websites to help you sell your belongings before a move that will make this […]