10 Helpful Packing Tips and Common Mistakes When Moving

Do you have a move coming up but have no idea what to do or where to start? Fear not! Atlanta Peach Movers is here to help. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have picked up a few packing tips and mistakes to avoid along the way to help make […]

Choosing the right moving company

Choosing the right moving company is important to ensure that your move in day is as stress free as possible. The moving company should have positive reviews, proper licenses, and policies that align with your needs.  At Atlanta Peach Movers our pledge to you is simple: If you are not satisfied with any aspect of […]

New to Georgia? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

From things to do to our favorite local restaurants, to how to register to vote, we have you covered! As local Georgians, we want to offer that one of a kind southern hospitality and make you feel at home. Whether you live in the United States or Internationally, Atlanta Peach Movers has you covered. Atlanta […]

Three Ways Parents Can Minimize Stress While Selling a Home

minimize stress while selling a home

Are you staring at toys in the kitchen while your toddler smears grape jelly on the table? Or is your baby crying because he’s overdue for a nap? This post is for you! These tips can help minimize stress while selling a home. There’s one thing that can throw an extra headache into the moving […]

How Much Does It Cost to Move 500 Miles?

Cost to Move 500 Miles

While prices vary significantly when it comes to the cost to move 500 miles, on average, rates are approximately $0.50/pound of belongings and around $0.75/mile. Some companies also offer an hourly rate for loading and unloading oversized and heavy items. The key to achieving a successful move, whether it is 100 miles or 500 miles, […]

How Do You Estimate Moving Costs?

Estimate Moving Costs

Wonder how to estimate moving costs? Moving is already an enormous undertaking, and there are a lot of expenses involved. In addition to buying or renting a new home, you also have to pay someone to move your belongings. How much should you budget? At the end of 2021, the national average cost to move […]

How to Estimate Your Moving Expenses

Local Movers Decatur

Before you decide to move, it’s a wise idea to set a moving budget. You’d be surprised how quickly all of the little moving expenses here and there will add up over time! To help yourself stay on budget during your move, we have provided a checklist of expenses below. In the spaces that follow, […]