Hacks for Efficiently Packing Shoes During Your Move

We understand the frustration that packing can involve. From packing up your kitchen or even trying to figure out how many boxes you need it can cause you to pull out your hair. 

But what about packing up your shoes? They’re bulky, oddly shaped, and dirty. Packing shoes for your move takes a bit of time, and sure you could throw them in a bin and call it a day, but packing them efficiently can save space and protect them from damage. 

Atlanta Peach Movers has seen plenty of move-in days so we have the hacks that will help take the guesswork out of packing your shoes so you can get the task done fast and get back to focusing on the other rooms of your house. 

Clean and Declutter

Are you one of those people that keeps something on the slight chance you may need it? Well, chances are you have plenty of shoes that you haven’t worn in years so why bother boxing them up? Use this as an opportunity to get rid of them. Many charitable organizations like Goodwill may have a use for them or you can look at Soles 4 Souls to help figure out where to donate shoes in good condition. Make sure before you donate them make sure to clean them so the next person can appreciate them. If they aren’t in good condition, make sure to recycle them properly instead of throwing them away. 

Sort and categorize 

Group your shoes based on type or purpose. For example, pack all your sneakers together, heels together, etc. Label your boxes as “shoes” or “sneakers” as you are packing them up. This will make unpacking easier and more efficient. 

Stuff shoes with a pair of socks

To help shoes maintain their shape, take a rolled-up pair of socks and stuff it into the toe. Depending on the style of the shoe you can also add another pair to the heel as well. Not only will this help keep your shoes from getting smashed, but this will also take care of getting your socks packed too! 

Box up nicer pairs individually 

Protect your favorite pair of heels or your perfectly shined loafers by boxing them up individually, with packing paper around them to keep them in place. If you still have the original shoe boxes, use those for packing since they are already designed to keep them in good shape but if you threw them away in your pre-move purge you can purchase basic shoe boxes from Amazon or even ziplock bags. 

Tie sneakers together 

For your sneakers, that are most likely going to be thrown in a bin, a helpful hack to keeping the pairs intact is tying their laces together. This way it saves you time from having to dig through the pile trying to find the matching shoe. 

Pack a few essentials in their own box 

Shoes are probably not going to be at the top of the list of things to unpack first, so setting aside a few go-to’s you know you’ll need is a good idea. Make sure you have access to two or three essential pais that you can easily reach for during the unpacking process. You’ll most likely need a pair of sneakers, slip-ons, and a pair to wear to work. 

Pack out-of-season shoes separately 

There’s no reason to take up time unpacking out of season shoes when there are other things to do. If you’re moving in the summer, sort out your winter boots and warm slippers. If you’re moving in the winter, set aside your sandals and flip-flops. Label the boxes and don’t worry if you don’t get to it in the first few weeks, or even until the season comes. 

Put the heavy shoes on the bottom 

When packing up your shoes make sure you’re putting the heaviest and bulkiest shoes on the bottom. This will even out the weight and make it easier to carry. (You also risk causing damage to your more delicate pairs by putting the heavy ones on top.) 

Use clean packing paper

You may already be using tons of newspaper, used packing paper, or even tissue paper to pack other items in your house, but these shouldn’t be the solution for your shoes. All of these could end up leaving stains on your shoes and could be difficult or even impossible to remove later. Only use clean packing paper to wrap your shoes or clean paper towels. 

Taking the time to pack your shoes properly will save you time and the need to pull your hair out. Now that you have the hacks to pack you’re ready to book your movers to get to your new house, because after all they aren’t going to walk themselves there. 



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