What Is Involved in an Office Move?

What Is Involved in an Office Move

Do you know how to prepare for an office move? Relocating to a new office space is an exciting endeavor. A better workspace is a sign of success. But what does it really take to transport your company’s belongings from point A to point B? Let’s break down the logistics behind what is involved in […]

How to Properly Pack A Kitchen For Moving

Pack Kitchen for Moving

Packing is one of the necessary evils to getting your belongings from point A to point B. Trying to pack a kitchen for moving can be a bit challenging, especially with fragile dinnerware that is prone to chipping and cracking. However, there are several techniques to properly packing your kitchen for moving day, leaving your […]

Do Packers and Movers Disassemble Furniture?

Do Packers and Movers Disassemble Furniture

Disassembling furniture tends to be one of the most time-consuming packing and moving tasks. If you hire a moving company, will they handle the job for you? YES! Professional packers and movers will disassemble all furniture, and they can even assemble it for you once you are in your new home. Hiring the right team […]

How Long Does It Take Packers to Pack a House?

How Long Does It Take Packers to Pack

It’s a common question people have when scheduling a residential move: How long does it take packers to pack up my belongings? The answer depends on a few factors, including how many rooms you have in your home, the type of belongings you have, and the team of packers you hire for the job. Read […]

Is It Worth Paying for Packing When Moving?

I love packing! said absolutely no one ever. Packing is the job people worry about way too much when moving. The seemingly endless task takes hours on end, and there’s still a chance you’ll mislabel a critical box. (Ever try to figure out where you packed your clean underwear after a long move?) But you […]

Packing Materials List for Moving

The services of a professional moving company are helpful in any relocation, but so to is having the right assortment of moving supplies at your disposal. If you’re ready to start packing up, make sure you have access to the following items: