Why People Use Moving Pads

Why People Use Moving Pads

If you’ve been down to a moving or shipping supply store lately, you’ve likely come across big stacks of moving pads. Though perhaps not common-knowledge, these pads are extremely helpful in protecting delicate items and are widely used. Let’s take a quick look at reasons why people use moving pads and what they are.

Know How Many Moving Boxes You Need For Your Move

How Many Moving Boxes

Every move is different. However, there are some general tips you can use to estimate how many moving boxes you will need. For your living room, dining room and kitchen, expect to use at least 5 small boxes, 4 medium boxes and 2 large boxes. You’ll need 1 small box and 2 medium boxes for […]

What Does It Take to Move Across The Country?

Move Across Country

A move across country isn’t easy, it’s also not impossible. If your family is going to cover over 1,500 miles from moving to or from Atlanta, you’re going to want to put plenty of planning into this process. Since there’s a lot to coordinate, the more time you can give yourself, the less stressful this […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Time To Move

Right Time to Move

Are you planning a move in the near future? You might be pondering when is the best time to move. The answer to that question depends largely on your circumstances and needs. For example, if you’re moving to take a job offer, the best time is obviously now. However, if you have some wiggle room […]

How to Move a Piano

How to Move a Piano

Pianos are heirlooms that your family may have had for generations. Quality movers know this and are prepared to handle these items with the care and attention they deserve. But transporting a piano properly and safely requires some serious know-how. If you want to know how to move a piano, here’s what the process may […]

How Do You Estimate Moving Costs?

Estimate Moving Costs

Wonder how to estimate moving costs? Moving is already an enormous undertaking, and there are a lot of expenses involved. In addition to buying or renting a new home, you also have to pay someone to move your belongings. How much should you budget? At the end of 2021, the national average cost to move […]

Do You Pay Movers Before or After?

The movers just gave you a quote for service. Should you pay them now or when they finish delivering your boxes? Moving is a huge undertaking, and finding a reliable relocation service is a massive weight off your shoulders. You want to make sure to pay their crew on time. When is the best time […]

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring a Moving Company?

Need help with an upcoming move? Most people don’t have a truck large enough to transport their belongings into a new home. Instead, they turn to local movers for help. But you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your expensive belongings and priceless heirlooms. Before signing on the dotted line, here’s what you should know about […]

4 Tips to Prepare Fitness Equipment for Your Upcoming Move

Fitness equipment is fabulous for your health, but it can be extremely tricky to move. When setting up in a new place, you’re going to have many hard tasks like unpacking, setting up utilities and meeting the neighbors. The last thing you want is to worry about your fitness equipment. Luckily, with a bit of […]

Smart Tips for Moving Around the Holidays

Moving during the holiday season means additional stress during an already hectic time of the year. No one wants to move during the holiday season but, sometimes, it is unavoidable. The holidays and moving can be physically and emotionally draining. Experiencing both these events simultaneously will take significant preparation and organization. Maintaining a routine may […]