2 Houses: Stage Your Move While You Stage Your Old Home

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How Being In Between is a Blessing in Disguise One of the biggest stresses of transitioning from one house to another is the selling process. Often times, the new home is purchased and the keys are in hand, but the old house is waiting to sell. Everyone knows that staged homes tend to sell faster […]

How a Floor Plan Can Save Time (And Money!) in Your Move

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In Just 5 Easy Steps Whether you are moving just down the road, across country, or across the world, taking the time to sit down and plan things a few weeks before your move can save you a lot of headache when the movers knock on your door. Here we give you 5 steps to […]

Can a Local Moving Company Also Do International Moves?

Moving across national borders comes with its own challenges: there’s paperwork to fill out, possessions to sell, and medical and financial arrangements to make. But do you need to seek out the services of a specialized international moving company? While there’s no need to hold out for a company that markets itself solely as an […]

What Type of Training Do Movers Receive

At Atlanta Peach movers we are well aware how stressful relocating can be, which is why each new member of our team undergoes a period of training at our very own Atlanta Peach Movers University. We created Peach University™ in 2003. It is comprised of a two-story, on-site training facility within our warehouse.

Should I Use Moving Boxes Or Containers?

Most people never even give a second thought to the type of packing and packaging materials they use when moving. Going down to the post office or even the local supermarket to snatch up all their spare cardboard boxes seems to be a national obsession among movers. But, there might be a better way: using […]

Are There Any Documents I Need Approved To Move Cross Country?

Did you know that there are more than 7 ½ million Americans who move to a new state each year, according to the US Census Bureau? Many people actually regard moving as one of the most stressful events they ever have to deal with. Of course, by planning ahead and actually getting yourself prepared, a […]

What is White Glove Moving Service?

Much as a starlet might get “white-glove” treatment in the form of assistants catering to her every need and desire, moving companies can offer customers white glove service for their next move. But whereas our starlet friend gets mochaccino and nail filing, a customer who chooses white glove moving service gets professionals to their home or […]

Moving to Atlanta? Know the Right Moving Company

Every year, more than 36 million people in the US move to a new city. According to a list published by Access Atlanta, the largest percentage of moves are to the city of Atlanta. While Dallas, Phoenix, Orlando, Chicago, Houston and Denver all rank in the top ten, Atlanta has remained the city with the […]

Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Needs

Being home to numerous large companies, warm weather and an attractive cost of living are some of the key reasons that Atlanta, Georgia has been #1 on CNN’s Top 10 Cities People Are Moving To list for the last four years. Whether you’re moving to a new home in Atlanta or are relocating from Georgia […]