Day Tripping: 5 North Georgia Destinations to Enjoy Fall Foliage

Autumn landscape view of the Blue Ridge mountain range

The best part of fall (aside from pumpkin spice everything!) is the change that starts to creep over the mountains and forests as the leaves begin to turn colors. If you live in Georgia or you’re planning on relocating to Georgia, you’re in for some of the most spectacular fall scenery in the country. This is your chance to explore some of the most beautiful autumn landscapes right in the mountainous areas of North Georgia. Continue reading

5 Steps for Thoughtful Downsizing Before Your Next Move

open house sign

So, your house move is around the corner and there is a lot to think about. When you’re downsizing, there is even more to think about. There can be many reasons for wanting to downsize. People do it because they need to free up finances, they decide to move in with somebody else, they can’t manage the size of property they currently have, etc. The why is not important, but if you’re going from a large space to a smaller one, you’re going to have to make some decisions. Before hiring a professional moving service to transport all your belongings, follow these steps to make your downsizing experience as easy and as quick possible: Continue reading

The Best Trails for Runners Who Are Relocating To Atlanta

woman jogging through wooded path

Sick of heavy traffic, busy sidewalks, and slow crosswalk signals ruining your run? Get off the pavement, hit some of Atlanta’s most popular trails for runners, and take your jogging experience to the next level. There are so many amazing trails to choose from all around Atlanta, from winding, steep elevations through lush state and national parks to more recently developed paved trails crisscrossing the city. Continue reading

Moving To Georgia? Explore These Beautiful Bodies Of Water Around The Atlanta Area

georgia lake

If you’re planning on moving to Georgia during the summer months, you’re going to find that the summer weather is almost unbearable. While there are still some fantastic things to do and see this summer in Georgia, escaping to the water can seem like the only way to beat the heat.

You’ll find that the area around Atlanta boasts some incredible rivers and lakes where you can cool off and enjoy many exciting recreational activities, such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing. So, when you are feeling the need to beat the heat this summer, pack your swimsuit and explore the rivers and lakes around Atlanta. Continue reading

Relocating To Atlanta? Check Out These Quintessential Summer Activities

atlanta skyline

More people are relocating to Atlanta than ever before and for good reason. There’s a little something for everyone, and the weather is beautiful year-round. Southern hospitality is more than a myth in The Peach City and, even though it’s one of America’s largest cities, it has a small-town charm, and, within twenty minutes of leaving the perimeter (Atlanta’s infamous freeways surrounding the city), you are in the middle of the country. Continue reading

Simple Mortgage Enhancements of Great Value

There exist several mortgage enhancements which yield a superlative return on investment (ROI). As the real estate shifts in line with the ever twisting technology the following are the simplest improvements worth an amazing value. Simple Mortgage Enhancements of great value. It is the high time to use the basic but mind-blowing changes to win buyers at ease. Continue reading

Looking for the best home in a competitive market? Here are the tips

Are you looking for a home in a competitive market? Towards the end of 2016, determined homeowners spend their days and nights at a newly established home community in the suburb of McKinney, TX. It was a very interesting scene to see and it brought a new dimension of real estate in many states across the United States. The demand for homes is growing at an alarming rate. The competition among homes in the city and suburbs is very steep. Continue reading

Move international with Atlanta Peach Movers

Do you have a foreign move crossing your mind or is your company moving you abroad? Worry not; Atlanta Peach Movers are here for you. In our company we have an international section perfectly equipped to serve you during your move. We have a team of professionals who operate the Peach Global Van Lines. They are basically full-time and amazing staff to intermingle and associate with. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game in our daily operations. According to statistics we are the best performing service provider in the Atlanta area. Continue reading

SunTrust Park, the new home of the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves said goodbye to Turner Field at the end of the 2016 season, ending the stadium’s 20 season run. The Braves announced they would open the new stadium called SunTrust Park in February 2017 in Cobb County. The stadium will be about 10 miles from downtown Atlanta. Continue reading

What to leave behind in your next move

Moving can be time consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. Taking the time to pack up your things can take a lot longer than you think. A lot of people will end up with junk or knickknacks seemingly out of nowhere. Before you actually move you need to get everything together and it’s helpful to think of the bigger picture when you pack. Take advantage of the full size of your moving vehicles and leave behind non essentials for your next home. Continue reading