5 Tips for Moving Internationally  

1) Find a Quality Mover

It’s not enough to check a quick review or two online – you need to know that your moving company has specific experience with international moves, and a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment. Understanding how to navigate the border – and how to assist you in an informed manner with your own international relocation questions – is crucial in a professional mover. Continue reading

Knowing What Supplies You Need For Moving  

Whether you’re moving from one side of Atlanta to the other or you’re moving to the state of Georgia from across the United States, supplies play a crucial role in making your move a success. There are two key reasons why it’s so important to have the right moving supplies for this big transition. The first is because having the right selection of supplies will make it much easier to stay organized. If you’re scrambling around and trying to stick items anywhere that they will fit, you’re going to have a very unpleasant experience when you arrive at your destination. Being able to stay organized while packing up all your belongings means it will be much easier to settle into your new home. Continue reading

What Does It Take to Move Across The Country?

Atlanta Peach MoversAlthough moving across the country isn’t easy, it’s also not impossible. If your family is going to cover over 1,500 miles from moving to or from Atlanta, you’re going to want to put plenty of planning into this process. Since there’s a lot to coordinate, the more time you can give yourself, the less stressful this big move will be.

Because there are so many different elements involved in this type of move, here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind as you begin planning: Continue reading

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Moving Company

Selecting the moving company you want to work with is a very big decision. As most people know, moving can be a very stressful experience. While professional movers are supposed to make this process easier, just about everyone has heard a horror story about a moving company from a friend or family member. Although it’s scary to think about, there are plenty of movers out there that end up breaking many of people’s belongings. What’s really bad is that can happen even if a move is only taking place over a short distance. So if you’re planning to move to a different state or across the country, it’s easy to see why it’s even more important to choose carefully.

Since this is such a big decision, it’s important to know which factors matter the most. To help make your choice less overwhelming, here are the five tips to accurately compare different moving companies: Continue reading

What is White Glove Moving Service?

Much as a starlet might get “white-glove” treatment in the form of assistants catering to her every need and desire, moving companies can offer customers white glove service for their next move. But whereas our starlet friend gets mochaccino and nail filing, a customer who chooses white glove moving service gets professionals to their home or business to box, load, and ship their items and furniture – and to unload and unpack at the final destination. Continue reading