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Atlanta Packing Service

Atlanta Packing Service

At Atlanta Peach Movers, we always remember that every item we touch is connected to a human being.  With the safety of your belongings at the forefront of our minds at all time, we take packing seriously.

Atlanta Peach Movers places every employee that works in the field in Atlanta Peach University, where they learn the correct way to pack and move a home. As part of their training, our employees actually practice packing and moving real pieces of furniture from a replica home in our warehouse. The value of this hands-on experience is irreplaceable and we feel sets our team apart from any other Atlanta movers..

Our Atlanta Packing Methods

Our dedicated packing team uses what we believe to be the most secure and effective packing methods, no matter how big or small the move. All of our Atlanta packing specialists are hand-picked for their gentle touch and attention to detail, so that even your most fragile possessions are in good hands.

We always blanket wrap and shrink wrap your furniture before it leaves each room and is loaded on the truck, minimizing the risk of any damages, at no additional charge to you. We also use our own staging area as a packing surface to prevent scratching your tabletops.

Self-Service Packing and Atlanta Packing Supplies

Whether you choose to pack some possessions yourself or have Atlanta Peach Movers handle the entire packing process, we are ready to provide as much assistance as necessary. We can pack as much or as little as you require. If you do decide to pack your belongings yourself, we can supply you with all of the Atlanta packing supplies you may need, from specialty boxes to packing peanuts.

If you do choose to pack your belongings yourself, you should be aware that this limits the extent to which insurance will cover any damage that may occur during the move. If the box itself is unaffected, mover’s insurance will not cover any damaged items inside the box that were not packed by the Atlanta moving company. We believe that having the professionals at Atlanta Peach Movers pack your belongings is the best way to ensure that your possessions will be carefully packed and fully insured.

We also offer next day unpacking services after you move in, and we will remove the boxes from your home at no extra charge.

To speak with a representative about our Atlanta packing services, please call us today at 770-447-5121.