Behind the scenes at Atlanta Peach Movers

Atlanta Peach Movers is a moving company like no other. It all started over 20 years ago by Orlando Lynch with one truck and a lot of passion for the business. Since that time, Lynch has built Atlanta Peach Movers into the largest mover in the region with 40 trucks and over 130 employees. “It’s about sweating the details and making it right,” says Lynch whose long-term commitment to his customers shows in the amount of repeat business and referrals the company gets. “I made it this far by being a people person; I simply love what I do.” Although he spends a lot of his time meeting and greeting outside of the office, he is frequently seen at work concentrating on the smallest details making sure that every move goes as smoothly as possible. In fact, he expects everyone under his employ to do top notch work which is made possible, in part, byAtlantaPeachUniversity. Inside one of the warehouses sits a multi-storey training house built to be an obstacle course. It has all of the normal things you would find in a typical customer’s house including beds and tables and sofas; however, that’s where the similarity ends. It’s full of delicate items like glass shelves and marble tops as well as heavy items like pianos and large entertainment centers. But what really makes it unique is the layout: there is a steep and narrow twisting staircase that is built to challenge the movers as they must go up and down the stairs without hitting the walls and without damaging the furniture. If this weren’t enough, there is a low hanging ceiling fan above the bed and sprinkler heads that must be avoided while transiting congested spaces. Just outside of the house is a truck that is permanently parked for the movers to practice loading and unloading. Says Lynch, “It cost over fifty thousand dollars to buildAtlantaPeachUniversity, but it makes all the difference. If a mover can’t do it in my house, he’ll never get to yours.” Atlanta Peach Movers has an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and is also certified by the American Moving and Storage Association. They are the Official Mover of the Atlanta Braves, Zoo Atlanta, and the Women’s Council of Realtors inGeorgia.

Atlanta Peach Movers University

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2 Responses to Behind the scenes at Atlanta Peach Movers

  1. Patience C. Curtis says:

    Atlanta Peach Movers were consumate professionals in Charlotte, NC too!
    Marvin Lloyd and his crew were efficent, thorough, and very patient. The team addressed all of my concerns and even provided recommendations and tips for future upcoming moves. The price was fair and the job was well-done. I felt like a valued-customer! Thanks Peach Movers!!

  2. anthony says:

    Thank you! A happy customer makes our day!

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