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Atlanta Peach University™

Atlanta Peach University - Training Center for Atlanta Movers

Success Through Training

In 2004, we built an on-site training facility called The Atlanta Peach University™. Here, hands on training of Atlanta Peach policy and procedure ensures that our crews understand and are fully prepared to enter our customer’s homes and handle their most prized possessions.

One of the primary reasons we have such a low claims ratio to the number of moves we perform is our training. We have set policy that must be followed in order to ensure that same quality work is done of every job. The university allows us to train on the Atlanta Peach way “before” our crews are with a customer. Some of our standard hiring and training policies are drug testing, reference and background checks and MVR reports. Each person must have a minimum of two years moving and storage experience in order to apply at our company. They go through 5 days of training both in the university and on site with a supervisor. They are trained in safety procedures for themselves and others. They also must complete ongoing training throught the year. This is what separates us from the competition.

The Atlanta Peach University™ is just another way we are proactive in making your experience with us a positive one.

To have our fully-trained Atlanta movers assist you with your move, call us today at 770-447-5121.

Atlanta movers packing a large box Speed Pack
A 15cube container used for computers, fax machines, and/or large items that won't fit in a typical box.
Atlanta movers using a kickback dolly Kickback Dolly
Used for transporting servers, safes, Fire Kings and other large heavy items. The piece is strapped in and tilted on a 30 degree angle for safety.
Atlanta movers using a 4 wheel dolly 4 Wheel Dolly
Used to transport most office items, desks, chairs, file cabinets, credenzas, etc.
Atlanta movers stacking a Tyga bin Tyga Bin
Plastic stackable container used for packing desk contents, files, etc.
Atlanta movers loading a panel cart Panel Cart
A cart with side rails used for transporting cubicle panels, art work, whiteboards, corkboards and other flat items.
Atlanta movers loading a computer cart Computer Cart
A one sided multi-shelf unit used to transport computers, monitors, fax machines, and other electronics.